He is cute! ^^ But he doesn’t quite beat Hiccup! (I have a thing for Vikings I guess ^^”)

Also, I think I know my next sewing project! I want to make Merida’s dress!!

But–which one!? TT_TT I hate decisions!

I really like the formal one, it’s super pretty!

But it would be truer to her character to make the non-formal one, which is also pretty!

(It really doesn’t matter, as this probably won’t happen TT_TT)

Also, I HAVE NO MONEYS (so… basically nothing has changed ^^”). But there are sooo many things that are calling me!! I need your guys’ financial advice.

Should I buy a bunch of random things that I really like and are kind of cheap?

ORRRR should I buy a wig that is really long (Like, longer than I am tall!) but also super expensive ($125 TT_TT) for my Rapunzel costume?

Random, but OH MY THOR! I didn’t know this existed!!

I wish I could buy it for every single one of you guys!! TT_TT

OMT someone please block amazon on my computer


I knew that I would like the movie Brave, but I didn’t know that I would like the merchandise this much! TT_TT DISNEY Y U DO THIS TO ME?!

Also, the same thing for Tangled. And HTTYD except a slightly angrier address to Walmart for NOT SELLING THE MERCHANDISE ANY MORE!

Why is it that when I have homework to do I want to draw and when I have time to draw I waste it on silly things? Amazon

O.K. here are some polls! Sorry for this uber whiny post ^^”


6 thoughts on “8D

  1. I love her hair. (I have a thing for characters with messy hair… I don’t know why.) I really want to see the ‘Brave’ movie. Maybe I can convince my mom to take me…
    Make both! If you have time, that is. You have a talent for making costumes. Maybe you should go into the fashion industry.

    We were talking about the Katniss Barbie during Gym. I wish they had a Finnick… (Or Seneca Crane. I like his beard)

    1. I know, hehe! Her hair is awesome!! It doesn’t make me feel like my hair is ridiculously unruly, like most cartoon characters’ hair does! ^^

      O: I hope I have enough time!

      Holy cow, that would be epic! 8D And dat beard… 8)

  2. When I first saw this preview, I instantly thought Nireth would love it!

    And good luck deciding whether or not to spend your money!

    The Avengers was a great movie. (:<

  3. I like her hair color! It is so bright! I really want to see this movie! It looks very Nireth approved xD
    I like the non formal one! It is very pretty!
    Wow! A 125 dollar wig! Maybe you could find a cheaper one?

  4. I so HAVE to see Brave this June. : D

    Make. BOTH. : 3

    AHHH KATNISS DOLL….if I even read the Hunger Games I would want one. O_O

  5. Chris Hemsworth is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Hurrhurrrrr! 😛

    I agree! The normal dress would make her more recognizable, but the formal dress is gorgeous! Gah! Indecision! I wish you luck in making a choice, I know I wouldn’t be able to. ^^;

    A 125 dollar wig? :O Is it worth it? I’m sure there are a lot of other wigs out there that are cheaper– perhaps you could look for one!

    Want want want want want want want want want want want want WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!! It looks so cool! I want it more than the action figure now!

    Amazon is a very fun site, though! ^^

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