Do You Remember?

Ah yes.

Remember the times we would roleplay so often.

I had two characters Thunder Ninja and Miranda. I do love those characters. But I need a change. Don’t worry this isn’t the last of the saracastic Thunder Ninja and sweet Miranda. I shall be writing a side story of how they became each others counterparts. At first they were 2 beings but they joined as one. But that is a whole other story.

I want to change my whole character. Reading about the constellations surely inspired me and I thought up a new character! *feels happy* Though, we don’t roleplay anymore but Phoenix is writing her story. From now one I will be roleplaying as..

Well, I am debating her name.

Princess Aire

She is the daughter of only the King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia . They together controlled the weather and seasons. They had a total of 11 girls who were all princesses but they longed for a boy for the heir of throne. Each girl had a power that linked to their name well except Sunset. When she was born their parents were quite disappointed that that she was born a girl. But Oceonia was not like her other sisters who were girly and sit around doing their hair. She was adventurous, curious, brave and strong, kind and determined. She had cool sea green eyes and light hair that took on a shade of blueish white. She usually appears wearing a loose shimmering white dress with a gold band and a wreath of flowers in her hair and gold bangles with different symbols on it. She appears quite pretty. She seemed to take on the appearance of a mermaid but unlike the other girls her powers didn’t come naturally to her so she trained hard. But what shall happen when her parents are threatened and plan to sacrifice her?

I know excatly what her powers are. *Hint Hint Thunder, Lightening and Air* This is going to be sort of a loong adaption of the Andromeda myth I am so in love with.

Memories of Tomorrow

I gritted my teeth and set my sword on the floor. Sweat dripped down my forehead and I wiped myself with a towel. Though, none of my sisters used the training room I did. I smoothed out my now sweaty and crumpled dress. It was had a gold bodice, short sleeves and was a royal red. It reached my middle thighs so I wore some shorts underneath. I walked outside.

I reached the Great Lake and let out a smile. This lake was what I liked to call the barrier between the peasents and royalty. I have tried multiple times to go over it but it doesn’t work. I hummed softly and made a wreath of flowers.

“Phylomeena!” I called searching out in the sea for my dolphin companion.

Ok I be done
Byee c:


6 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. Oh, that is a very pretty name! ^^

    I love her backstory and how you related it to the myth!!

    She’s going to be totally awesome 8D

    I love the little teaser!! GAAHH THE SUSPENSE!!!

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