O.K., I was just wondering about Mir a bit.

I was wondering about the possibilities of other kingdoms! Like maybe Mir is just one of many floating islands that drift in and out of different worlds (Ours included–which would be how people like Nireth stumble in!) and each of the little islands is a kingdom.

The other thought I had was that there could be smaller little islands off of the Foggy Coast in the North. Each of these could be a kingdom (or maybe groups of them could be a kingdom) and THEY could be the ones that drift in and out of the world of Mir and our world. So if a character ended up on one of the islands, they would have to wait until the island drifted back into Mir’s territory.

GAH I don’t know!!  Do you guys have any ideas? I’m not the best at brainstorming TT_TT

Also, would you mind if I drew a map or something?

Sorry for this quick and pointless post! ^^”


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  1. I dunno, Camile is 14 and still goes to school. I had it where she visits Mir on school breaks.

    Maybe there could be random portals in places? And you have to go looking for them, and once you find it; you use it to get there. (Lets hope one of these places isn’t your shower…)

    I liked the island idea.

    I don’t know. If this doesn’t work out Camile could go to school in Mir.

    1. Ohhh, I love the portal idea!! It would be a lot more convenient, too! ^^ But, eek, a portal in my shower would NOT be appreciated!!

      But school in Mir would also be fun!! Gosh, I wish I could go to school in Mir! ^^

  2. See, from what I took from Mir, was that Cobalt lived in Mir because he was some sort of Guardian. Raelynn had ancestors there, and just got to Earth because she was put there by some being. Cobalt then comes into the picture, and takes her to Mir after a couple escapades of doggy rub time.

  3. I like all the ideas you put forward. 😀

    So, is our Earth island thing in, like, the same world as Mir’s? Or same universe? Or what. xD

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