Yes, I’m starting ‘Phoenix’s Adventures’ again. ^^ This week at my school are exams and stuff. After that, everyone basically acts like school’s over with, and that’s what it feels like, and every one knows it. So I think this time I may actually carry through with the story.

I loved writing the adventures, and reading everyone’s adventures. Where did those days go?

I’m changing Phoenix a lot. She’s become more of an average random character than a real person. Physically, I’ve decided that she will be very small, but lithe and lean (the better for flight). I’m taking away her bangs because a lot of the characters have bangs, I’ve noticed in the art trade. Her hair is no longer perfectly straight. Now, more realistically, it’s windswept. I’m changing her dress; it’s going to be more of a midievil-modern cross dress, her being immortal and all. I’m giving her a scarf, and a small, thin pair of aviator’s goggles ( I hate bulkiness), something I noticed in Nireth’s picture. I’ll tweak her personality a lot (she can never have enough faults) and basically making her more realistic and un-Mary Sue. Look out for a lot of pictures; art’s is slowly taking over my life again now that school’s gone.

That’s basically it; any of you guys change your character’s at all? I’d love to know! ^^



3 thoughts on “Phoenix

  1. Ohhh I can’t wait to see what you do with Phoenix! ^^ Her last adventures were great, and I’ll bet these will be even better!

    Aww, Phoenix was never a Mary Sue!! I think she was beautiful before, but I don’t blame you for wanting to change her! I know she’ll look even more fabulous than ever before! ^^

  2. I’m excited for this new Pheonix Design. I love the Aviator Goggle idea.

    Old Pheonix wasn’t a Mary Sue at all.

    Here’s a tip I have for flaws:
    Every two or three good things about your character equals a flaw.

  3. Flaws! I adore them. They are my favorite part of making a character. They add the human tones and spin the creation to something realistic.

    That sounds like a great design for Phoenix. I love the idea of aviator goggles.

    I do not know how much I can change RA. So far, her skeleton remains the same. She has very great power, but behind it lies an even greater malice.

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