Penny For Your Fortune?

I had another story idea, called Penny For Your Fortune! It’s where a girl named Penny somehow sees that she will die in one year. So she decides to embrace life and her family and all the opportunities life presents. She counts down the days she has left every morning and does the most outrageous and daring things, because it’s now or never. And then on the day that Penny is meant to die, the boyfriend she got during her now-or-never period saves her. Fate said she must die on that day, but fate did not mean for Penny to know this information. Therefore, she changed fate by seeing what her fate would be. If that makes sense. However, I have no plot, so I probably won’t write it. Feel free to use the idea. Lol.

But anyway, I already have a story to write. I’ve finally started the story for my own Writing Challenge, called Alison’s Story, but maybe it should be called Alison and Laurence’s story, I don’t know. It’s about two orphaned siblings who live with their reluctant-to-take-care-of-the-siblings aunt and uncle, and cousin, Carson. And I don’t know what happens next. Because I cannot create a plot to save my life (like Foxface can’t follow one xD).

Je finit.


10 thoughts on “Penny For Your Fortune?

  1. That’s an awesome idea, Panda! At least, I do hope you’re Panda, ’cause I’m on my iPod and I judge who wrote the post by how they write it. And I think you’re Panda, and I hope I’m not embarassing myself.
    Anyway, for my writing challenge, I happen to have a character called Penny too! Is it okay if I keep the name, or do you want me to change it?
    I can’t wait for Allison’s Story!

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