Eggie Boo!

*NIRETH PLEASE SEND ME YOUR DRAWING OF FERN KOA ASAP!* Like, today, if you can, please!

Oh, I’m such a lame freak.

Thursday and Friday were really awesome days, until Friday after school.

I can’t exactly remember why Thursday was awesome. But I do remember getting like two notes to go down to the principal’s office on Thursday, but none of the reasons were bad…

But, well, yesterday I went to this school breakfast thingy and they had really good vanilla-chocolatey muffins. And they had WHITE CHOCOLATE on the bread! I need to find out where they got it. It was epic. But they didn’t have those tiny cinnamon roll thingies like the other time. D:

Then, in second period, when my English teacher was checking my paragraphs on electroshock therapy, she said “You’re awesome, girl!” This made me really happy, because I didn’t think she likes me after that horrible handwriting incident. But maybe she does like me now!

And, well, in third period, math, nothing good happened, really. I mean, it’s math. And nothing good happened in Health either.

But, during lunch, I found I got a Shadow Ridge High School shirt! Even if I won’t ever wear it, it’s still cool that I won it! And then, after that, I ditched my movie/party thingy, and went to fifth period. I mean, could they blame me for wanting to go to Science? The night before, I had to design a container that would prevent an egg from breaking after being dropped from the roof. She said dropped, not thrown, but my egg was prepared! I named my egg Eggie Boo, and then the teacher was throwing the eggs stinking hard. When she yelled my name, I realized I was shaking in anticipation. I yelled “Here I am!” so all the eighth grade classes knew who I was. Anyway, she threw my darling Eggie Boo, and I was pretty much dying. When Eggie Boo landed, the container fell apart, and the bubble wrap opened up, and there, in the middle, was lying Eggie Boo perfectly unharmed.

I screamed “EGGIE BOO’S ALIVE!” and one of the teachers came to calm me down. But I would not calm down. Eggie Boo had survived. Anyway, I avoided the teacher, and took off running, and all the kids parted as if they knew my thinking was not straight. I was charging at full speed until i crashed into that substitute teacher.

I crashed into her hard. I’m shocked Eggie Boo didn’t break! But, well, after I helped her up and screamed that Eggie Boo was alive a few more times, my student teacher for Science told me I really needed to calm down. I did, kinda. So she took a picture of me and Eggie Boo! But I didn’t wanna stick around to stares after losing my cool, so I went to the stupid movie. Well, I got to eat a lot of chocolate, and I found the lighting wasn’t too bad.

But then after school, I had to interact with humans, so that ruined my day.

But Eggie Boo lived, so, yeah.


3 thoughts on “Eggie Boo!

  1. Eek!! I am sorry I was so late! D: I really should have planned ahead, we were out of town all last weekend TT_TT

    I’m glad Thursday and Friday were awesome! And that bread sounds totally delicious! ^^

    Whoaaaa congratulations on winning the shirt! ^^

    I am so glad Eggie Boo lived! ^^

  2. Yum! That sounds like a good muffin– I must find out where they got thsoe as well!

    I’m glad you had a great time.

    Congrats on having Eggie Boo (I love his name!) not falling apart! My partner and I weren’t so lucky when it came to our egg, though…T__T

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