Writing, Writing, Writing

I like writing. When I feel like writing. But when they force me to write, I don’t want to write! I mean, I don’t know, I’ve always been kind of… I guess, proud? Like, I never apologize to anyone. ‘Cause I’m too proud. And I also feel like I need to do the opposite of what people tell me to do just to make them mad. It’s odd, I know I shouldn’t do it, but since my temper is so quick… xD

Anyway, those stupid CRTs! They took forever! Those constructed responses! The first day of testing, my responses were full paged, written neatly, tiny, with textual evidence, and everything to guarantee me a three on each one. By the middle day, each response was written facing different directions. That’s cause I alternated hands. I would write one sentence using my left hand, then another sentence using my right hand. So naturally, one sentence was leaning to the right, and the next to the left. Who cares, though?

And by the last day, my constructed responses were three lines long. I know, I screwed it up, it’s all my fault, and if I could, I would go and fix my answers, but they were really getting to me. Hopefully the ones on the first days will be good enough to do something about the last ones.

Today me and Cheyenne had a very heated conversation about Christine. Cheyenne said Christine was awesome and really pretty. I agree; she is amazingly pretty, and I wish I looked like her. BUT,  I did make it clear that the number of time she faints is unacceptable. Cheyenne got a bit worried when I said “I kill Daae.” She started on about how I can’t kill a fictional character, and I felt like ripping her little soprano throat out.

I’m such a good friend.

But Tiff agreed with me. She also thought that once in Phantom, and once in Love Never Dies, over a span of eleven years, is unacceptable. Cheyenne said it was fine, but I did tell her that she fainted twice more in the book. She then decided to take the book out of my hands, because she thought I would end up doing something I’d regret later. I admit that sometimes when I’m mad, I don’t have full control of my actions, but she was really unwise to do that. I am going to end up biting her again.

I have to watch Happy Feet tomorrow. I think I’m ditching that in-school-party though, because in a dark place, I can’t read. At least in Geography, I can read my stupid Zeusdarn book. I’ll go to the start, to get all the candy, but then I’m going straight back to Geography. Oooh! Idea! No one will know if I hide in the bathroom… I’ll be at the “party”… Oh, yes! There, I can hide, and write, and dream, and mentally throw darts at Cuh-rrristine!

I love how Carlotta says Christine. It’s like “Cuh-rrrrristine!” Haha, I’m gonna go watch that movie again. I always skip over Music of the Night though, ’cause that’s where Christine faints, and I really don’t like to get in a bad mood over nothing.

My mom is now yelling at me. I shall be gone.

~Christine (Super Thunder)


2 thoughts on “Writing, Writing, Writing

  1. I’m the same, specially with drawing.

    And good luck with your hunt for light to read! I reccomend bringing an iPod or something similar.

  2. You’re so right! Writing things when you’re not in the mood can be a total downer! ESPECIALLY without music! But I’m sure all of your writing was fabulous, anyway!! ^^

    Doesn’t Happy Feet have Elijah Wood in it? I remember there was a movie about penguins that my friends and I re-dubbed as Lord of the Rings ^^”

    I like your plan better, though! If I am thinking of the right movie, I don’t remember Happy Feet being that compelling. TT_TT Which stinks because penguins are cute!! ^^

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