For Want of a Better Title

Greetings, my fellow peers. Yet again I find myself trapped in the unbreakable ropes that bind me in a dark, inescapable world of procrastination. Submerged within its grey, salty sea, my vision just manages to see a pile of homework sitting placidly upon my desk of many memories, half a metre away from where I sit, yet an invisible barrier separates the two of us. I believe my homework is composed of several To Kill a Mockingbird comprehension questions, pages of scientific revision and a poorly done climate graph which Father has rather impolitely asked me to restart. The competition of my classmates also awaits at a once-interesting site called Language Perfect. I know such things to be of the utmost importance, as Ravenclaw is the house that treasures knowledge and education further than the others, but I know these ropes shan’t let go until the dawn of the day in which my homework will be due. Luckily, I had managed to complete my views on To Kill a Mockingbird and French comparisons between two climates before something unexpectedly forced my head into the water and now I see nothing but the grey of the water and my homework. If only I could bring myself to get out of the water, then I could complete my homework and be free of worries.

Such is life.


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