I finally submitted my drawing for the BOTB art trade.

And my lateness was due to overwhelming school work mixed in with procrastination during free time.

Well, anyways, while I’m making this post, might as well tell you guys something significant in my life.

Many of you know my obsession with fantasy. Some of you know my fascination with ghosts. But not any one of you know that I will be playing a (friendly) ghost in my school’s spring play that no one has ever heard of.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m playing a ghost. Even more, a librarian.

A librarian that has the power to take kids back in time.

I’ve always wanted to play a ghost…  but one thing that I’ve never been…

…is a villain in a play. Oh sure, I’ve acted out some of my own villains’ dialogue. And I also think villainous thoughts when my gym teacher makes me run/jog a mile every “Fitness” Friday (one thing that I am NOT is an athlete). Yet… I’ve never played a villain in a play.


*speaks out loud a line from a villain from one of my stories* Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. Still as curious as ever. Shouldn’t you have known by now? A soul is all we want…

*thinks* No, no, no…

Well,  I’m taking drama class in high school. And also, I need to learn to keep a straight face when I see other actors acting scared of my ghost character.

Well, at least with a villain, I can hide my need to laugh with a smirk.

Ah well, for now, I’ll continue playing as good guys…

BT out!


2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. I’d love to play an evil person. The only thing I don’t like is that my pride will get robbed from me when I die/get caught at the end.
    Also. I’ve always had the fear of getting booed instead of cheered at the end because they don’t like my character.
    I’d really love to play Meg Giry in Love Never Dies. Then I’d get to “shoot” Christine and it’d look awesome!

  2. Oh my Rowling! Pokemon picture! *flails*

    You get to play a ghost? That sounds epic!

    Don’t worry about laughing, you’ll do fine! (Rainfall’s mess-ups in plays: Singing a solo, voice cracked about 500 times. Played a running dwarf, tripped and smacked fellow actor in face. Played a customer at McDonalds, forgot lines and improvised to something really stupid. Hmm, etc etc.) Either way, the point is you’ll do so much better than I ever have. T__T

    Playing the villain is fun! *cackles*

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