Don’t Ask Me to Wash the Dishes

Do you call these dishes “washed”?

Well, I held them under the running water, that’s washing to me.”

I’m a stranger to dish washing… Why do parents even bother hand washing dishes anymore? I see a perfectly good, unused dishwasher right there, and no one even bothers with it! They’d rather wash the stupid dishes…

CRTs were this week, Part 1 of Math and Reading and both parts of Science. Next week will be both Part 2 of Math and Reading.

I think I spent too long on the Science test. The multiple choice is a drag, but I can push myself through the overly easy torture. It’s the constructed responses which give me a problem. I know what the answer is, I just can’t say it! I mean, I have to fill up a whole stupid paper on it. It took me twenty minutes to finish bother parts of the multiple choice, and then three more hours to finish four tiny constructed responses. I spent thirty minutes watching the wall. We have a really good relationship. We both stare at each other for a long time. It’s all cool.

All the teachers get annoyed when I’m watching the wall. But what can I say? I really can’t concentrate for extended periods of time if it’s anything not 1)Phantom related or 1)friend related. (I did two 1’s to annoy Batcat :D) Oh, and I can write for a long time if I feel like it. Like I’m writing this without stopping to get those Oreos at the other side of my bed. Which I’m getting right now.


Okay, I’d make this useless post longer, but I need to watch Love Never Dies (sequel to POTO)


7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me to Wash the Dishes

  1. XD I don’t even know where the dish soap is in my house.

    *Shudders* Sounds like you have exams. Good luck with those.

    I do the same thing in Science. Mainly because I have an attention span of a goldfish, and never like what we’re learning about.
    Yeah, I just stare at the clock and make up Greek Mythology Fanfiction in my head. [I’m weird, Okay?]

  2. Hate dishwashing. I say we just use recyclable paper plates or something!
    Exams. Groan!

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