Constellations .-.

OK, well I have to do this constellation project.

I chose Andromeda who is a chained princess. We are supposed to plot on the constellation and DRAW IT.

I CANT DRAW TT_TT I can not believe I chose something this hard to draw.

Well, I have been trying to  draw this:

I started drawing the head and hair and the arms and hands.

I went to start drawing the shirt with the creases and everything..when I realized..

IT WASN’T SLANTED! She was just straight up!


It took me like 30 minutes to draw the hair.

Now, the top part of her dress is really hard to draw


My brain has died.

Sorry, for the annoyance.


2 thoughts on “Constellations .-.

  1. Oooh, I think she’d be pretty to draw!
    And you could always print, trace, and color.

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