Deep Trouble

I am in very, very deep, sinking trouble.

There are two more days of the holidays left. (Sigh.) Including the rest of today. Tomorrow, I will be packing and unpacking and doing stuff with my mum for the whole day so that means I really only have half of today left. And I have a whole assignment to finish! Well, not a whole assignment, but a pretty big chunk of it!

I have been extremely lazy these holidays. Meaning I’ve left my biggest assignment till last. I have to memorise a 400-word speech within half a day and I really have been trying but I just can’t manage to. Please help me! Give me tips on memorising stuff!

-Panicked Panda


2 thoughts on “Deep Trouble

  1. D: I feel ya! I remember that since-October Science experiment that was asigned to us… Yeah, the one I did the day before it was due.
    For memorizing speeches, I just say it over and over and over. It’s different for everyoone, but that’s the only way I can memorize speeches.

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