Strangeness About Me

“I’m a smart person, really, you just haven’t seen me, like, on one of my good days.”

That quote is by me. ^ This is what I told my math teacher the other day, when I was the last person in the room taking the Polynomial test. Don’t think she bought it though, ’cause I’ve been sitting in her classroom 3/4 of the school year, and I have shown no signs of intelligence in the mathematical area. I wonder why this is. Like I said, I’m a smart person, really, but only when I’m completely focused. The problem is, I’m oftentimes not. Usually, I’m daydreaming that I’m Christine and I’m riding on a boat while the Phantom sings to me home in bed, and, well, the dream gets too real, and I fall asleep.

Take Geo, yesterday, for example. Me and Tiff, one of my best friends because she doesn’t think I’m crazy she falls asleep with me, were sitting in the front. I don’t mean, like, near the front. I mean, like, on the “bad kids” desks next to the teacher’s desk desks. Anyway we were reading our eReaders taking notes, and Mr. W just walks up, takes Tiff’s Nook, and my iPod, and gives us each a piece of paper and a pencil. Well, we were flattered with the free stuff, but we would’ve traded it back for her Nook and my iPod. Anyway, it’s against our Epic People Code of Honor to take notes in class, so we were playing hangman. Anyway, the person I was drawing on my paper ended up being Mr. W. But, at least, my luck wasn’t too bad. He didn’t see it! Yesss! After a while though, I just got tired, and I fell asleep. It wasn’t till Cheyenne, the freakishly perfect one that always does her homework, pushed me off my desk, since school was over, and I fell. But no one was in the room, ‘cept for me, Tiff, Cheyenne, and Mr. W.

As we were walking out, my coordination was severely off, as I’d been asleep a few seconds earlier and I bumped into a desk. It hurt. D: So Mr. W. had the brilliant idea to come and question me on the day’s lesson. See, he doesn’t really get that this is an Accelerated class, so he teaches easy stuff. And he felt bad for me, so that’s why me and Tiff sit together, which no normal teacher would’ve done. Anyway, he was all like “So, who was Mussolini, ladies?”

Although Cheyenne is the responsible one, she’s not the fast thinker. I am. I’m not smart, but I can manipulate words, to tell teachers what they want to hear. It works on everyone, ‘cept math and English. English, because Mrs. R is the one that teaches me to manipulate words, and Mrs. T, well… I’ve never figured it out, but she’s just a genius, I can’t trick her into thinking I know how to factor a stupid polynomial.

Anyway, back to my story, Tiff just froze, and so did Cheyenne, so I quickly started, “Mr. W, isn’t it terrible that all those Jews died? My great grandpa was Jewish. Anyway, that awful Benito Mussolini helped Hitler! Oh my gods, I mean, can you, like, believe it? I don’t think any good person at heart could do that! But, well, let’s look at History. Hitler wasn’t a good person either, was he? He must’ve had charisma! Yeah, charisma, helps, like, a lot! Tiff has charisma! That’s why she’s in Publications. Cheyenne doesn’t have any, but she’s really nice, and she’s a student aide, so everyone likes her. And what am I? Just that Alto in choir that sings really loud ’cause she doesn’t trust anyone else. I wonder if Hitler felt like that? Oh my gods, isn’t that, like, so possible? I bet he felt that! Imagine being a dictator! Anyone and everyone was your enemy. That sucks. Ohlookatthetimegottacatchabussbye!”

Well, I got us out of that encounter safely. And I had a reason to be tired, the fifth grade orientation was yesterday, so i’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep ’till geo. It was nice, I mean, I missed second, third, fourth, and fifth periods, but the orientation was loooong and dreadful. And when it was our turn, well, let’s just say that when the teacher cut us off, and put her hand to her head, we knew that about 1% of the fifth graders in the audience would sign up for choir.

Speaking of choir, let me tell you about something terrible.

January 28, 3:00 P.M. LVA theatre

Isabelle Amaya stood up, shaking from head to toe. It was time. Time for that blasted audition. Theatre. She was doing this all for theatre. Oh why, oh why hadn’t she come up with her “I wanna be an actress ’cause…” dialogue until today in the morning? She scolded herself, as she listened in on the girl before her’s audition. It was fantastic. At the end, she got asked to sing note intervals. When Isabelle got called up, she trembled, and stood before the judges.

“Miss… Isabelle… Uh-may-uh, you may start.”

Isabelle bit her lip so she wouldn’t correct them. Her last name was Uh-maya, not Uh-may-uh. Shaking her head, she began her memorized Anna Frank dialogue.

“I’m trying. Really, I am! Every night, I think back over to all the things I did that day that were wrong. Like.. Putting the wet mop in Mr. Dussel’s bed, and the thing now with mother…”

Isabelle continued, boldly. The audition was going great! When she finally finished it, she felt amazing! And then. the smiling judges asked her to continue on.

Time for the “I wanna be an actress ’cause…” dialogue. One look into the bright light, and she forgot it all. Shoot!

I… Wanna be an actress… ‘Cause I… Act good…”

Isabelle stood there, and the judges frowned. She quickly began her Jabberwocky poem.

“He left it dead, and with it’s head, he want gallumphing back…”

But the magic was gone. The spell was broken. When it came time to sing You Can’t Stop the Beat, she began four beats off. They cut off her music. And she wasn’t asked to sing intervals.


That’s what happened that dreadful day. But it was all right. I didn’t prepare, I didn’t deserve it. Still, my parents wanted me to apply to ATech, and I figured majoring in Computer Science wouldn’t be a bad major.

I was oon board, ’till I found out something about Vegas magnet schools: they don’t have choir as an elective. That second, I made up my mind. I wouldn’t be going to any magnet school. My parents were happily waiting, waiting for me to be accepted to LVA and ATech.

The night before the deadline, I snuck on my laptop. I tampered with my applications. I made my LVA audition my first choice, because the audition had been so horrible, I couldn’t possibly be selected. And at ATech, with it as my first choice, I had excellent chances. But I moved it to my second choice, which would guarantee me in the alternate pool, as so many applied to Computer Science.

Then the letter came. A few days ago. I was delighted to discover I received a “Not Qualified” for LVA, and an “Alternate Pool” for ATech. My parents were shocked too, but far from delighted. I should have made it into ATech, they said. But I soothed them. I wanted to go to Shadow, my normal high school, I told them. They reluctantly accepted my voice.

Then, today, I got the dreadful news. Budgets were low. Choir had been cut from Shadow.

And now, I’m pissed at myself. Why did I tamper with my application?

I’m not going to get asked to sing intervals again. Ever.


3 thoughts on “Strangeness About Me

  1. Your quote describes my life. ;D

    In Math, my friends and I usually draw stars in our books. It’s a great exercise and has been scientifically proven to stop you feeling asleep and keep you alert enough to listen in take in small bits of information! ;D In English, people with laptops are allowed to use them while my teacher speaks so I just go on FaceBook or whatever. And in SOSE, I do my work. It’s not all that bad. The activities usually involve the person sitting next to you.

    My school doesn’t do Theater until Grade 10, as an elective. Well actually, we kind of do Drama but not really… it’s confusing. I have stage fright anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Choir gives me the wobblies when I think about it because it meant standing for an hour with hardly any breath in a stuffy room and I had history of fainting while in Choir.

    Ah, sorry about your application, dudette. Better luck next time. Also, I would advise against stopping interfering with applications. You just had bad luck this time. ;D

  2. Haha. I loved the post.
    I have had some pretty horrible things happen to me too. I messed up in my audition for one chorus thingy, but that’s a long story.
    When i get bored in class i doodle on my books, but if i do i would get caught.
    But last year i would doodle every single homework page, or anything! You name it! But my parents got angry on me, so now I dont dothat stuff anymore.
    I wished i could bring asn ipod to school though some student s do so in my school.
    I find it awkward how people are able to wing it, cause i want to knwo how to. I am pretty bad at manipulating things, i guess. ^^.
    I really loved the post. 🙂
    -Purva 🙂

  3. Lol,I fall asleep in class somtimes.And doodle.I make comics and stuff,l once made one where I’m like “I can FLY!!!!” And I crash into a mountain.Then I say “HELP MEE” and a helicopter thingy from the Hunger Games comes and a peacekeeper and tries to come and cut off my tounge and I bite him.

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