Know Your Creations

Writing is a beautiful way to express yourself and tell stories, and to use your imagination. In stories, you must create characters. Of course, characters are the base for any story, but I think that we don’t really think about our characters enough. How much do you really know your favourite character?

Probably not much. So I had an idea. What if we all dedicated a post to writing really deeply about our characters and just figuring them out, going deep into their minds? It would be a good exercise for those who write stories.

What do you think? If you want to do this, just start writing.

Au revoir, mes petits enfants.

5 thoughts on “Know Your Creations

  1. My favorite characters are from Greek Mythology. All I need to do is check Wikipedia or any other reference site, to know more.

    And when I write I have a lot of trouble with the plot. Really, the only successful story I’ve written was the extememly short ‘Sophie: Knight of England’ for a 6th grade English Project.

    I’m thinking about quitting Reincarntaion.

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