More Recent Things

Sorry I wasn’t role playing the other day-I was obsessing over Corel Painter Essentials 4 because I got my mom to stay home and babysit ^^ It was pretty confusing, but I finally produced some fanart- It’s Piper, Jason, and Leo!

Yay! 😀

Speaking of art, I switched deviantART accounts again-back to ~silafeather, so for those of you who have a deviantART account, I’ll be there! (my previous one was ~EndOfTheSky) I still need to clean up the account and stuff, so the change won’t be official until later..


And on other news, You know how the “new Ipad” came out? My parents thought this was good reason to buy the Ipad 2! We went to the mall today and got one-it’s so shiny and cool-looking. I’m so excited x)



6 thoughts on “More Recent Things

    1. What’s your dA account (if you have one)? 🙂 I’ll be posting on ~silafeather from now on!

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