Ergh, I am really bored. My neighborhood friends arent home so I have nothing to do.

This spring break is so far the worst spring break ever ._.

The only interesting days were

Sunday, which was my birthday party and we watched the hunger games.

Is it me or was Gale really cute in the movie? He isn’t my favorite character but he was cute in the movies.

And Monday, I went to camp and it was quite interesting. I hung out with these girls and one of my guy friends. Apparently, someone said he was flirting with me o_o I am really clueless at times.

Well, yesterday I went to my friends. We just walked to a fro-yo place which was closed, did the cinnamon challenge and watch computer like the whole day. My friend was watching a lot of Chinese dramas which made no sense to me. Haah, I was just watching smosh.

Oh my gawsh I am going to go on tumblr 😀

Someone get on chat so I can be rid of my boredrom v.v


No one is on Oovoo
or skype


Bye bye! time for me to stop complaining all the time.

My mom is making me do a lot of algebra. Dx WAAHHH. Stupid formulas.

WEE, I am reading fanfictions.





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