Recent things

My old laptop broke (well, the ‘e’ key did) and the company can’t fix it, so I’m getting a new laptop that’s basically 5000x better than my old one! It should come tonight 😀 This also means I can use my tablet again!

Also, I got this cool book called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. Basically, follow the instructions, and wreck it!

My favourite page..

Sorry about the quality (and my big hand), this old laptop is weird and someone must have deleted the webcam or something because it didn’t work and I had to go on an online webcam website to use it. :p I also got How to Be an Explorer of the World by the same author, but it’s not as amusing.

And on a totally different subject, do any of you guys babysit? I do, but it’s usually babysitting someone I do not think is annoying or a pet like a hamster. My dad is making me babysit this guy named Jason tomorrow, along with my little brother. I’m not looking forward to it that much, because I find him annoying and bratty. Also, I overheard my parents saying he was spoiled. And I don’t think I’m getting payed. >:| I’ll probably be bored out of my mind, so if any of you would like to role play…


3 thoughts on “Recent things

  1. Yay new things! They’re always so fun and make you giddy. They also make me a nervous wreck around them. @___@

    That’s probably the funnest book ever. I know what my movement would be. *flails*

    I’m sure you’ll bet paid! :3 I babysat him over the summer and a couple of weeks ago, and I was eventually paid.

    Also, on the plus side…since you’re in my neighborhood, you should totally sneak over!

  2. Yay, New laptops! I’ll bet it’ll be a lot easier now that you’ll have an ‘e’ key again. And more pretty art from you.

    For that task the journal gave you, I’d throw the journal near Cookeh, she’d freak and shread it. (It worked with my Science notebook…)

    If you wanna get on the Chatzy, I can use my iPod(That still isn’t fixed) to Roleplay.

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