Strange Things in Life

Today, I was looking at a list of things I want… Which include an iPhone, and iPad 3, a white iPod touch, a Nook, a Kindle Fire, a 50$ iTunes gift card, a Macbook, and well, it’ll never end. And then I realized something.

My relatives, every single frickin’ Christmas, Birthday, etc., give me clothes!

Where’d they get the idea that I want clothes? Who cares about clothes! Just gimme some jeans, a shirt, and I’m good for the day! Heck, who cares about designer clothes? You can get perfectly good knock-offs at Susie’s Deals or from my aunt who deals with designer clothes.

And I was thinking, what if I traded all those piles of clothes which I smile and pretend to like for something I really want? Like an iPhone, iPad 3… (read above list)

Guys, we need to rewire our ancient parents’ minds! Maybe they wanted clothes when they were kids or something, but we don’t! We want money. Next time I write my letter to Santa (;)) it’ll say:

Dear Santa,

Just leave 500$ in my stocking.

Sincerely, Me

11 thoughts on “Strange Things in Life

  1. 1. It’s not the iPad 3, it’s the new iPad :3
    2. Why would you want an iPad 3 and those nook and kindle things? iPad’s can do just the same and more.
    3. I like clothes :3 I asked for an MCR shirt for Christmas, I got it too :3

    I normally am happy with iTunes xD

      1. 1. Just wondering! xD
        2. I see…. I’d just get the iPad. :3 But I have one already so yeah.
        Double 2s! I’m sorry! I normally ask for specific things.

  2. An iPad is sorta like an iPod, just 3 times larger.

    My family just gives me money for my birthday/Christmas, because they don’t really know what size anything I wear anymore.

    And since I got money, I bought Steve, my iPod(With the home button that has broken twice), with it.

  3. Clothes are simple to buy. Just get something with a good brand name, and it looks like it had a lot of thought put into it!

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