The Reasons for Seasons

I had a super kewl idea. The series is called “The Reasons for Seasons.”

Well, it is going to rotate around the 12 months.

Plotline: Long ago the month clan stood united, powerful and stable. Queen Rosalina wanted to take over the world and destory all humans. But the clan destroyed her. The ones to lead them all were the heir of January and June. But after she was destroyed, they knew she would rise again. But the clan was so strong and pow!erful they doubted it could be destroyed. But over time the clan seperated amongst theirselves and became enemies with one another. August and January came to despise each other. Queen Rosalina has risen again but with the help of the all mighty Seasons. Will January be able to lead them all but will their grudges for each other prevail?

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

Sorry the one’s crossed out are taken and also for June and July I was thinking they would be twins so if you wanted June and July you can take both of the twins. Make them have a power of empathy. I also thought they would be younger, they are the only exception of not being in highschool. Mac babysits them >:U

The characters would sort of have traits like their months and powers too.

Like March would be like Irish and be a leprechaun xD. I dunno. Be as creative as you like.

I was sort of thinking, they all had to be like a clan something? *so descriptive* I will think, so make your characters!

You can put 1 character for now. If I need more I shall tell you :3 They all go to the same school so I need Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.


Relationships (crushes, friends etc):

Name: January Flur (get it flurry xD)
Gender: F
Age: Sophomore
Looks: She has long black hair and sharp blue eyes that sparkle like an ocean. She is pretty pale and slim. But she is not deathly pale or bony like a twig. She has full red lips and a good natured face. She is like a raw unnoticed beauty like fresh snow prints in winter.
Personality: January is kind hearted and soft spoken. She always looks forward to the first snowfall of winter. She smiles like a kid on Christmas Eve. Even though she is quiet she enjoys going to party and talking with her friends but not getting drunk. She is modest and good natured but sometimes slacks off. But she gets extremely competitive at sports. She is very talented at snowboarding and ice skating. She loves the colors blue, gold and yellow. She is a very good drawer and carries around a sketchbook and treats it like her diary.
Flaws: She is distracted easy and turns everything into competitions
Pets: (none)
Likes: Snowboarding, champagne xD, New Years, snow sports, first snow, Winter Olympics, Adele, drawing, blue, gold, white and snowflakes
Dislikes: summer, warm weather, August, being called Jan-Jan
Hobbies: snowboarding, skating, hanging with friends, watching tv, sketching/drawing
Relationships: Has a crush on March(Mac) but pretends to despise him and is enemies with August rest is TBD
Nickames: Jan-Jan
Powers: She has the power to freeze things and people, she can also read peoples minds and can cause blizzards.

Name: March Darcy but known as Mac cause March is a girly name. So no one knows his real name.
Gender: M
Age: Junior
Looks: March has shaggy bright red hair which is usually covered by a hat and has forest green eyes. He is very handsome and had his share of girlfriends, but there is this one special girl. He is pretty muscular and has the typical gangster look. He also has a small four leaf clover tattoo on his shoulder. He has bright red lips.
Personality: One of those troublesome cool kids who is always up to trouble. He is quite rude and sarcastic but is great at any sport. He is quite a prankster and always has tricks up his sleeve. He loves dancing so he catch the ladies but be warned he is a severe player.
Flaws: He just wants to be cool and popular. His trust is hard to keep and he really is not that loyal.
Pets: A salamander named Roxy who is red with black dots. He keeps her in his jacket and some how she has managed to stay alive. He is always planting her in girls things and scaring the heck out of them.
Likes: skateboarding, dancing, sports, reptiles, rapping, hurting people, being a gangster, bling, green, being a player and basketball
Dislikes: people who piss him off, wannabes, cheaters, babysitting
Hobbies: Pranking, sports, beating people up, stalking, rapping
Relationships: Likes January, rest is TBD
Powers: He can place curses on people, temporarily hypnotize people and pause time.

Can’t wait for the characters!
Don’t forget April and September are reserved.


35 thoughts on “The Reasons for Seasons

  1. Name: November Skies [I Hope this isn’t a Mary Sue Name]
    Gender: Female
    Age: Senior
    Looks: Orange-ish blonde hair with red streaks(dyed in), Dirt brown eyes. Pretty Tall, about 6ft. She usually wears torn jeans and hoodies, if it’s summer a tank top and said jeans. Wears a lot of red, because it’s her favorite color.
    Personality: Pushy and aggressive when she wants her way, talks a lot, enjoys being right, loves to be a leader, Feels guilty for the littlest mistakes, will be standoffish at first, but will warm up to you later
    Pets: She loves cats, and has several.
    Likes: Cats, Frozen yogurt, walks in the park, mild weather.
    Dislikes: Being wrong, People who are overly happy/depressed all the time, really hot/cold weather, rats
    Hobbies: Skateboarding, Helping out with Football Practices, Baking, fencing
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): Waiting Til’ I see all the characters.
    Nicknames: Can’t think of one right now.
    Powers: Can control wind, Make leaves fall off trees, and can change the weather.
    Mine: FoxFace(?)

  2. Awesome!

    Name: October Fright
    Gender: female
    Age: sophomore 
    Looks: light skin, which she covers up with a lot of makeup to appear paper white. Long, black hair, which she straightens. She wears a lot Of black eyeliner and a lot of mascara. She dresses all in black. 
    Personality: October has a dark personality. She enjoys scaring people. She can be pretty sadistic at times
    Pets: bat named Phoebe
    Likes: scary movies, black clothes, makeup, candy, night
    Dislikes: rainbows, day, the sun
    Hobbies: scaring people, hiding in dark alleys, eating candy
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): I don’t know. Comment here if you wanna have a relationship with October!
    Nicknames: Nightmare? I don’t know… Maybe someone that doesn’t like her can call her Octopus!
    Powers: October is all about messing with your head. She can know your fears just by looking at you and make a mental image in your mind of something you’re scared of. She also gives people bad dreams, hence being called Nightmare. Occasionally, a little kid mistakes her as a demon or vampire. 

  3. That storyline sounds completely grand!

    Mind if I make a character?

    Name: (Since someone took my birth month I’ll go with the month after it) December Freeze
    Gender: Male
    Age: Junior (should be a senior, but since he moved they just stuck him in Junior year, even though he’d be in AP classes)
    Looks: Dark hair and fair skin, light green eyes. He’s around 6’5 and his muscles are defined but not completely ripped.
    Personality: Kinda loud, but over all a complete goof. Will try to ease up any situation with a joke. At times if he’s in real distress or just stress, he will turn very cold towards people.
    Pets: He doesn’t trust ducks. So he has a fish named Gator.
    Likes: Girls, fish, music (good music, like rock), Harry Potter
    Dislikes: Twilight, ducks, icky pop music
    Hobbies: Listening to music and having his fish do tricks, roller skating, snowboarding
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): Can he have a crush on November or just a really close friendship if possible? (And if other people want to have a crush on him that’s open too! We’ll have to see the compatibilities.)
    Nicknames: Idiot, goofball, mushbrain, snowball.
    Powers: Has the ability to shape snow into realistic items/human beings. And he’s very skilled it martial arts seeing as though he’s able to freeze his own limbs to use as very hard weapons.

    If there is anything wrong or something someone would like to change, please tell me!

    1. Thank you and of course!

      I love your character e.e When I saw hated ducks, I smiled :3

      Erm, you can ask Foxface cause it is her character. But personally a crush would be really cute :3

      Mind if he was friends with Mac? They seem like they could be friends!

      1. OKAY EDIT:

        Rainfall and I had this genius idea of June and December being a couple and tee-pee’ing the halls as they go.

        Can he just be friends with November? :c GAH NOW I FEEL BAD.

          1. I didn’t really mean to make November the third wheel! I’m so sorry! 😦 Honestly, I can see June and December being great friends, but if you wish for November to be with December I think that would be awesome too. Really, it’s all up to you and Batcat and Randy! ^^

            1. Well, June and Demcember are sort of a couple so you know it is awkward when just another girl hangs out with a couple it is awkward. If Foxface is OK with it she can be a third wheel and have other friends :3

        1. Mac would so join in but just for the whole bad-ass feeling xD Or I can find some other person for him to be BFF’s with.

          Heey, Foxface at least ya got January xD O my gawsh! January, November and July should be like friends. If it is OK.

  4. I love the plotline! And having months as names is absolutely fabulous, I would love my name to be a month.

    Name: June Ray
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17, Junior
    Looks: Light caramel skin tone, dark brown hair, hazel brownish eyes, short, slightly upturned eyebrows, has that look that says she’s always up to something.
    Personality: June has that light, witty personality that seems to be contagious and can either make you just as giddy or get you extremely annoyed. She loves to joke around and goof off, often pulling practical jokes or making jokes at her own expense. She hates it when people take life too seriously and can get very offended when people tell her to act serious or to stop messing around. She’s not much of a tomboy, but she does tend to hang around guys more because of how most standard girl things, like clothes and gossip, bore her to tears. Despite this, she’s very flirtatious. June is also very intelligent, just not very book-smart. Her grades average at Cs and Ds, most of the time, mostly because she has a very short attention span.
    Pets: A lizard named Lizard – Liz for short, although Lizard is male.
    Likes: Sunshine, the outdoors, jokes, pranks, exploring, running, staying up late, candy, lemonade, swimming, flip flops
    Dislikes: The cold, rain, socks, serious people, her teachers, missing important stuff
    Hobbies: Swimming, track, pulling practical jokes, sketching her view while sitting in a tree, exploring forests or rivers on sunny days.
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): June has many friends as well as many people who find her annoying (these people tend to be the objects of her pranks). She has a crush, which I don’t know who, but it can be anyone you choose! She has a bad habit of making this said crush jealous on purpose because of her flirtatious personality.
    Powers: She has the ability to harness light and turn it into energy, such as using it as a light source, boosting up actual human energy, or use it as a damaging weapon.

    1. Ooh love your character! Would you mind doing July? I was thinking they would be twins but if you don’t want to its ok :3


      Hm. I think I know who!

  5. Name: July Ray
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Looks: Light caramel skin tone that is slightly lighter than her sister’s, dark brown hair with fainter brown streaks, hazel eyes, short
    Personality: July is clever and fast thinking. If you were to put her in a room with no windows or doors she’d find out how to escape. She can be very critical of others and despises when people don’t treat books and knowledge as how she views them: treasure. She’s very into treating her reputation with care and often gets very cross with June. Despite this, she loves to join her sister on her trips to create havoc, but July has the tendency to overthink things and worry too much at these times.
    Pets: Technically Lizard is hers too, though June likes to insist that Lizard is rightfully hers and hers only.
    Likes: Practically the same as June – as they are both very summer-y people! She also likes books, reading, logic, and isn’t as into jokes.
    Dislikes: Same as June, though serious people don’t bother her as much. She likes it when people are practical.
    Hobbies: *points at June’s summer-y hobbies*
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): July isn’t as open about herself as June, so it’s harder to make friends with her. She has a small variety though, and she appreciates when people have a fondness for knowledge, just like her.
    Nicknames: Bookworm
    Powers: July can generate heat into fire.

  6. Erg, I comment to much but if no one wants to I think I might make August and February. If anyone wanted to make them just tell me.

    I was thinking August could be Mac’s friend. :3 Like a cool but annoys and hates January but likes her at the same time >:U

    I also thought February could be super popular and a major flirt. But I am not sure of the gender. Maybe, he can be a guy who is called Fred xD

    I talk to much….

  7. Name: May Flowers (I fail at names, I know!)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Freshman
    Looks: Strawberry blonde hair… too light to be a redhead, to dark to be blonde, short and curly, light blue eyes, light skin, and dresses in pastels
    Personality:fresh, breexy personality, laughs at everything, charismatic
    Pets: butterfly names Lilly
    Likes: flowers, butterflies, warm weather, bicycling, music, horses, history
    Dislikes: cold, the color black, pollution
    Hobbies: sitting out in a meadow, bicycling, painting
    Relationships (crushes, friends etc): Comment here if you wanna be May’s friend/boyfriend!
    Nicknames: Maia (Greek godess that May is named after)
    Powers:May had Fern Koa-like powers… Makes flowers grow, can make vines around a person… Ha, I’d bet she and Octber would clash immediately!

    (I googled info on May, and combined a lot of it into this… So yeah!)

  8. Name: February Harts
    Gender: Female
    Age: Freshman
    Looks: Red or blonde hair( I don’t know what to do!) and Burgundy eyes
    Personality: a bit like a diva, kind of flirty, girly a bit ditzy and somehow loses common sense when she needs it or someone is giving her a hint, chatty, and isn’t good with secrets.
    Pets: A oh-so-cute Maltese! With a lot of pink accessories.the maltese’s name is Cupid
    Likes: dolls, pastel tones, and Valentines colors, dogs, doodling, reading books with at least one picture. Cheerleading, and dancing. And likes cute stuff
    Dislikes : bugs ( but not butterflies or ladybugs), bad things, and evil
    Hobbies: doodling, cheer leading ,playing with Cupid, and dancing
    Relationships: comment here to be her friend or crush!!
    Nick names: Helen, Venus( since she is so lovey)
    Powers: charm, charmspeak, and… I don’t know… Hitting things when she needs to? ( Has a hard slap)

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