Ergh, I am sorry for double posting!

Well, tomorrow’s my birthday and I am going to be turning 13! Big whoop..Mentally, I think I am turning 8 xD.

I am finally going to be seeing the Hunger Games movie! Did you know they are making Catching Fire in NOVEMBER! You what that means…

Finnick Odair
Finnick Odair
Finnick Odair
Finnick Odair..
(Insert super sparkly heart here)

My favorite character! 😀
If they make him ugly, don’t include “Do you want a sugarcube and forget a single victor I shall go all death mode e.e

Wee, I also like the band One Direction now!

Niall Horan
Niall Horan
Niall Horan
(Insert heart symbol here)

Thanks for all your characters! Hehe, this is going to be a fun story to write. Gawsh, I have a ton of stories to write. And about Creators of the World my friend is working on Clark one of the characters she made up and I am writing about Natasha (Foxface’s) character. We need to get all the intros done with then move on the meeting and kidnapping. Yurpdurp.

Oh and my pirate story! I got some of the chapters figured out!

And Star in the Sky..I have got the basic plotline its just I need to elaborate.

And Learning to I got that except for the next volume things gotta to be worked out.

Anyways! I am in the car waiting for my mom!

Bye! (I would RP with anyone but I am on my phone e.e)


5 thoughts on “Sorry..

  1. November is when they start filming it you mean? I don’t think it would come out that soon. o.o

    *hasn’t even seen the first yet*

    1. Yees it is funny, some people thought I was faking xD


      YAAY AWESOMENESS! Oh, RCG I cried when Cato died but I was like going to cry when Katniss put flowers so your not alone about crying for Cato! But my friend is in love with him. SENECA CRANES BEARD IS EPIC I A M TELLING YOU xD

      1. I’m sorry some people didn’t believe you! I hope they eventually did. ^^

        Yay! I’m not alone! xD All my friends were like, “You’re such a horrible person!”

        It was a really heartbreaking scene, really. 😦

        (Seneca Crane’s beard: even President Snow wants one.)

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