Hunger Games Rap


The Seam is a place where poor people reside
In the woods there’s something Katniss hides
A bow and arrow and her hunting gear
Oh, Katniss has no fear

She slips into the fence which is rather easy
But many don’t do this ’cause they’ll feel a little queasy
Katniss climbs trees and shoots down game
Pulls her string and then takes aim

She then travels down to the illegal Hob
And Greasy Sae buys her wild dog
Katniss walks back home and sees Primrose
Just how much she loves her, it really shows

Well, his name is Gale and he’s besties with Catnip
Gale’s alright at hunting but it’s his snares that do the trick
Apparently there’s no romance between the two
But I reckon there’s quite a lot, don’t you?

That other guy’s name is Peeta and he was a tribute
To this funny love triangle, he contributes
In the first arena Katniss ditched the poor guy
But later heard the new rule and knew they both wouldn’t have to die

Yeah, in the second arena it was made like a clock
“Tick tock, tick tock, this is a clock”
Beetee made Katniss escape the place
By blowing up the arena in the Capitol’s face

In the third book, Katniss was catching fire
But because of her duties, she was beginning to tire
Cinna made Katniss a Mockingjay suit
Plus a bow and arrows, which she loved to shoot

They film some propos and bring down ol’ Cappy
Did I mention Katniss hates Haymitch Abernathy?
Anyway, at Snow’s execution Katniss kills Coin instead
“I’ll be president,” Paylor said.

So in a almost cruelty-free world, Katniss was free to love Peeta
She realised that she didn’t need Gale with his fiery…heater?
They had a couple o’ kids even though it took years
For the new family Kat and Peet have created, let’s give three cheers!


One thought on “Hunger Games Rap

  1. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! You told the whole Hunger Games Story in one rap song.

    If you want to hear another great Hunger Games song, Search ‘I Wanna Go Hunger Games Parody’ it’s by WinterSpringPro. The music video is amazing.

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