Can we start rping again…?

It’s Spring Break from some of us, and, well, I really miss rping with you guys. We get into the strangest situations. Please, can you guys starting showing up at the chat now? If all of us go, chances are we’ll run into each other, and we can have a fun rp session. 😀

I’m done spam posting.


9 thoughts on “Can we start rping again…?

      1. Hmm…
        I don’t know, when’s the most comfortable time for everyone?
        So far have today, tomorrow, and (probably) most of next week free (unless my mom tries to make some kind of plans D:<).
        Somehow I have to get 11 things done for homework (11 notecards with both summary's and analysis' for History Fair 😦 It's impossible! Dx ), but other than that I don't really have anything "planned"… So, uh, yeah. :L

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