Hunger Games movie

(doesn’t contain too many spoilers)


I liked:

-the dramatic scenes

-Cato, Clove, & Glimmer

-The end and close to the end, they were the best acting parts (I didn’t want it to end)

-Caeser Flickerman & Effie Trinket

-The Game room or room where they programmed the game

-How it was it good book-movie linking movie

-And a great movie, you knew what was going on whether or not you read the book

-Seneca Crane

-Seneca Crane’s beard

-Seneca Crane’s suit


Didn’t like:

-The chat with Gale (sounded forced)

-No. Madge.

-The reaping. It wasn’t dramatic enough.

-When they had the trackers inserted into their skin (looked like it hurt a lot)

-the middle/beginning

-All of Peeta’s subtle head shaking/ knodding (did you notice it?)

-The size of the Cornocopia (too small!)

-The size of the supplies (too small!)

-How they portrayed Foxface

-The mutts (just weren’t scary and I wanted to see the eyes)


The only part I cried was when Seneca Crane was in the room, and tried the door, which was locker, and then the camera zoomed in on the platter of nightlock.

But really, the movie was pretty good!



22 thoughts on “Hunger Games movie


    I agree on a ton of points! First of all, I had REALLLLLLLLLLY high expectations, so I will sound extremely bitter. But really, my expectations were like, skyscraper high. Airplane high.

    SENECA, SENECA, SENECA! Epicosity, all in one person!

    -Lack of a lot of witty lines, replaced by rewritten not-as-great lines.
    -Lack of getting to know characters. Loved Rue, loved Foxface, thought Clove was an absolutely BAMF. Yet in the movies, they seem seriously warped, each given about 2 minutes of screentime. I definitely wanted more of Foxface, though I loved the part where they bumped into each other after the bloodbath. I definitely DEFINITELY wanted more of Rue! The only reason I didn’t cry at Rue’s death was because I felt no emotional attachment to her. You see her spying on Katniss. Skip to a light talk, skip to eating a groosling, two sentences, skip to sleeping with her, skip to two more sentences. No music conversation, no District 11 talk.
    -The rebellion at Rue’s death. Really? Unpopular opinion, but did not like this. I felt like if this happened immediately after Rue’s death, than something should’ve happened long before the berries, so it messed up the rebellion’s timeline.
    -I understand movies can’t add in all of the parts, and I get that they had to skip a lot of the big parts like Madge for example. Splitting the crown in half would’ve taken about 2 seconds. Dead slug line, same.
    -The Cornucopia.
    -The ending scene on the Cornucopia.
    -Irrelevant to the movie, but the people in my theater were obnoxious. You really do not need to cheer and whistle loudly or even chant “PEETA, PEETA, PEETA” in the middle of the movie. I want to hear their dialogue, not listen to you yelling, “GALE IS UGLY!” *facepalm* (and then the whole theater cheered at Clove’s death. Ugh, seriously? Someone just died, and some people actually liked that someone. I know Clove’s a big ole antagonist, but not only is your cheering annoying, it’s disrespectful and I couldn’t hear what Thresh said afterward.)
    -No sleep syrup! ;_;
    -Wished there was more of the tribute parade, interviews and bloodbath. I would’ve loved to see more of all the others!
    -Wished there was more action.
    -Why did the anthem and sky report skip over about 5 tributes and then end at the District 9 girl?

    That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the movie, though! It was great! I’m sorry for all the complaints. xD

    Oh, one more thing. The careers were amazing in the movie (I’m mad they left out the District 4 girl, ugh!). They displayed this viscous pack that made me crack up half the time, when they weren’t out killing others. Marvel had this really charming smile too. Loved him. I thought it was hilarious when they were chasing Katniss and Cato started yelling about how “We’re gonna get you, motherf-er!” I have a crude sense of humor.

    Cato’s death? I cried, I admit. I know, I’ve been told I’m a horrible person because I cried at Cato’s death yet not Rue’s. It’s not because I think he’s a nice, kind, sweet character, or even because he’s cute, but his speech before he died showed he’s not some flat, killing machine. He’s a real person. He realizes the full extent of the arena and his actions. I still remember his lines about how Hell would be better than the arena, the heartbreaking “I only wanted to bring honor to my District…but now that doesn’t even matter.”

    And it looked like he was crying too! So I just sat there curled up in a ball with tears and snot running everywhere.

    Cato: Go on. Shoot. Go on. I’m dead anyway. I always was, wasn’t I?

    Whoa. Long comment.

  2. I’ll see the movie Monday, but the lack of Madge was noticed in the trailers.

    Also, the Girl on Fire Game app isn’t worth downloading a 10 hour iPod update. The update deleted all my songs and apps, by the way.

  3. I don’t cry at movies. I tend to not cry, ever. Oh well.

    No Madge. That was a gigantic bummer. And, well, this may sound stupid, but the redheaded Avox… I wanted more of her. President Snow bugged me. Too many white roses. Ugh. Seneca Crane had epic eyes, though.

    I liked how Katniss shot the arrow at the Gamemakers, though. That scene was epic.

    WHY WAS SAFE AND SOUND NOT IN THE MOVIE?! It was in the credit scene, yeah, but not in the movie itself!

    I liked how Katniss saw everything after the Tracker Jacker stings. That was epic.

    Clove and Glimmer were so epic! And Cato… *swoon*

    I wanted more FoxFace. 😦 I liked Effie Trinket scenes, though.

    Katniss’s dresses: The first two were pretty cool, but the last one was hideous! Where is the soft, yellow flame? Grrrr!

    Why do the Capitol people dress weird? O.o

    The ending pissed me off, though. Seneca Crane was supposed to get hanged! Not eat Nightlock! 😦 Now what’s Katniss gonna do in the second movie?

    Also, the transition wasn’t smooth. It troubles me. It feels as if… The movie was incomplete.

  4. Omfg, saw it today…
    I cried when Rue died (I cried when she died in the book, too o.o) and when Cato died… After reading the series I didn’t think too much of Cato, but now that I’ve seen the movie I think I kinda see him in a new light. D:

    ….Rue’d have won if she didn’t pair up with Katniss…. .-.

  5. Seen it on Thursday (*tongue poke*) and, like Rainfall, I had high expectations. I rather the thought the movie duration was unfair because it could have – no, should have gone on for at least two hours because the director and whatever knows that we are rabid fans who don’t want the movie to stop! I felt like everything went too quickly in the movie.

    Anyways, it was pretty good. In Drama, we’re doing improvisations and I am Miss Everdeen, Hayden is Mr. Mellark and Dominic is simply Gale. It’s great that girls are not the only ones who can be rabid fans, although on the downside it means I have kissed both Dom and Hayden.

    Rambling here, about things completely off-topic.

    I shan’t waste my time about the things I did and didn’t like. But I have to note that I cried when Peeta and Katniss snogged and burst out laughing when Katniss stepped on the highly-camouflaged Peeta, causing several heads to turn in my direction. (I could feel their eyes burning the back of my head.)

    Excuse me, I must get back to a certain book named Mockingjay.

  6. A lot of things in the movie disappointed me, but Seneca Crane’s beard made up for it.

    I think my friend liked my commentary. Especially when they were showing previews and I squealed ‘It’s Jacob!!’ during the Twilight trailer.

    **Spoiler-ish Stuff Starts Now**

    The Cornucopia was pathetic. I was like ‘Who crashed a plane in the middle of the Arena? Wait- That’s the Cornucopia…’

    And the mutt scene. I was expecting it to be like the book where they chase Cato out of the forest; so it practically gave me a heart attack when the mutt springs out of the ground and jumps Peeta.
    It would be scarier if they had the tributes hair and eyes like they did in the book.

    The girl who played Katniss (Jennifer Whateverherlastnameis) seemed emotionless in the movie to me. Except for the Volunteering Part, Rue’s Death, and when she slams Peeta into the wall for telling Caesar he liked her.

    And I’m in love with Seneca Crane’s beard.
    Who needs Team Peeta when there’s Team Seneca Crane’s Beard?

    1. Exactly. Teams are for Twilight.

      I’m pretty sure that Twilight Fans had a choice in the pairing, therefore they made teams to support their choice. (I’m not sure about this. Never read Twilight.)

      I use Team Seneca Crane’s beard to make fun of the people who are so serious about Teams Peeta and Gale.

      Sorry for the rant-ish thing.

  7. Lol, pick your team:

    Katniss’s Dad
    Katniss’s Mom
    Gale’s Brother/s
    Peeta’s Dad
    Peeta’s Mom
    The Morphling Pair
    Seneca Crane
    Seneca Crane’s Beard
    Plutarch Heavensbee
    The Capitol
    President Snow
    President Coin
    Effie Trinket
    Madge Undersee
    Madge Undersee Deserved To Be In the Movie
    Mayor Undersee
    Caesar Flickerman
    Claudius Templesmith
    Bonnie and Twill
    Delly Cartwright
    Greasy Sae
    Romulus Thread
    Leeg 1 & 2
    The Goat Man
    Lady (the Goat)

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