Reincarnation: Chapter 11

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I’m really hoping the switching of POVs doesn’t annoy/confuse anyone.


“Alpha Achademy of Exellence. Is this the place?”

Walking up to what looked like a fancy boarding school, he knew he’d found his his goddess.

Chapter 11: Kyle’s Tour

[3rd Person]

Kyle walked up to the school, and opened its large doors.
Students walked through the hallways, talking. Some were in different classrooms and by the looks of it, it was like the students were having some sort of free period.

He walked to the Headmistress’s office to get his schedule.

“Ah,” Said the headmistress, “You must be our new student. Here is your schedule. Sixth period is now.”

“Uh,” Kyle said, “How will I find my way around? Is there a map or something I should ha-”

“Miss Alexander would be happy to help you. Look for her in the Library.”

“What if she isn’t there?”

“The Armory, perhaps?”

“Thank You,” Kyle said, politely. He opened the door and left.

[Sasha POV]

As I was looking at the wall of spears, I had a feeling there was one made especially for me.

Half of the spears I along the wall were wrecked, beyond repair, and practically useless. Not to mention covered in cobwebs.

‘This one looks okay,’ I thought, picking up a spear. When I did, the tip fell off. Okay, maybe not.

‘Farthest one to the left,’ Athena says, ‘No, your other left..’

I picked it up. This one didn’t fall apart in my hands.

I held it for a while, until I thought I heard the door open.

I heard a set of footsteps, which told me I wasn’t alone.

“Hello?” A voice asked.

[3rd Person Again]
Kyle walked into the armory. He couldn’t find this ‘Miss Alexander’ in the Library, and the Headmistress, (Along with the voice in his head)told him to check the Armory.

He didn’t know why would want to be here, considering the fact it was super creepy.

Cracked, broken weapons were everywhere, along with dull bits of armor, and the remains of what used to be some shields. All covered in cobwebs.

“Hello?” He asked, wondering if someone was actually here.

The only answer was his own echo. He thought he saw a movement near the wall of spears, and decided to investigate.

“Hello?” He asked again, rounding the corner near the spear wall.

“Ahh!” A girl’s voice screamed, turing around.

Kyle was surprised that she could even see him, because half of her unbrushed hair was hanging over her eye.

“Who the heck are you?!” She asked, pointing the spear at him, as if she wanted to fight.

“I’m looking for a Miss Alexander. Please don’t kill me,” He said, backing up, “Could you help me find her, and possibly not kill me?”

She put the spear down slowly. “The Headmistress calls me Miss Alexander,” She said, “Why do you want me?”

“Well,” Kyle said, “I was told you could show me around the school.”

“I’m supposed to show this guy around a school I’ve only gone to for a few weeks?” I asked the boy in front of me, “Is she crazy?”

“And you aren’t crazy?” He said, “You stuck a sharp, pointy weapon in my face! I thought you were going to kill me!”

“It’s not like you’re crazy either.” I mutter unwillingly.

“It’s not like you have this voice in your head that tells you what to do.”

‘Someone knows about their reincarnation.’ I thought, ‘Maybe he’ll tell me who it is.’

“Actually,” I say, “I do. And she hasn’t said anything about helping you and -Big shocker here- hasn’t made me slap you.”

“Oh gosh,” I hear the boy mumble, “This is a school for people with… Issues.”

“Do you want the tour or not?” I ask, walking away.

“Uh,” He said, following me “Yeah…”

“Come with me.” I say, “I’m Sasha, by the way.”

“Kyle.” He answers.

[3rd person yet again]

Kyle followed Sasha, listening to her talk about the Cafeteria and why he shouldn’t eat the croissants they offer for breakfast, because they’re awful.

‘Definately a school for people with issues.’ He thought, listening to Sasha drabble on about how this Greek goddess helps her in Driver’s Ed and never lets her brush her hair.

“…And this is the Library.” Sasha says, “You have to get a card before you can check out books.”

She lead him down a hallway, “This is prophecy class,” She says, “Everyone is forced- I mean, required to have this class. I’m warning you now: Cassandra is a little… Uh, Nuts- Insane-Basically any word that defines crazy.”

“And why is this ‘Cassandra’ crazy?” Kyle asked, suddenly curious.

“She argues with herself,” Sasha answered, “Well, not herself, but her reincarnation, but it looks like she’s arguing with herself.”

‘Reincarnation?’ Kyle thought, ‘What is she talking about?’

Sorry it’s short. [And awful] This is the best I can give you right now, because I’m so busy.


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