More Thiings You Need To Know To Survive In Life

  • Putting two “i”s in the word “things” will  make people think you’re stupid
  • Putting pink hair dye on black hair doesn’t make any difference
  • Showing up at school with purple hair will get you dress coded for distracting other students
  • Purposely avoiding a teacher’s eyes when s/he has just asked a question will probably get you picked
  • Buying blue eyeliner in front of relatives will only make them frown upon you
  • Consistently grumbling about that Disneyland trip you can’t got to will get you grounded
  • If your phone goes off in class, be honest and just say “It was me”, or else the teacher will hold you in that class for minutes after the bell rings, and the counselor will be called to go through everybody’s stuff
  • You need to remember that getting Coin Magnet in Temple Run does NOT mean you are Invincible

2 thoughts on “More Thiings You Need To Know To Survive In Life

  1. Meh, putting temporary hair dye in my hair over the winter doesn’t do anything either. I have to wait til my hair lightens up in the summer.

    Not paying attention usually gets me called on. (Especially in Science…)

    XD I did the same thing with the invisibility power. I thought it would turn for you like the advance power up.

  2. I was talking with my friends about dyeing my hair over the summer.The conversation went like this(A is a girl,B is a girl,C is a boy,M is me)
    M:Guess what I’m gonna do this summer?
    M:I’M GONNA DIE…..!
    M:……..My hair!
    Teacher:Why would you ruin perfectly healthy hair?
    C:But if you do that,your hair will-
    M:BLOW UP?!?
    B:Sure,why not?
    T:*Rolls eyes,walks away*
    M:How long do I have to live,Doc?
    A:5 seconds.
    M:Well,then I wanna say somthing:I-BOOOOSH!
    I did not really blow up.

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