It’s Spring Time!

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

What the title says! It’s Spring Time! Well, Almost.

This means I have about two months left of school! (:

And Track Season starts.

And Spring Break in April.

I just finished my Poetry unit.[Along with State Tesing.] And this means I got a Greek Mythology unit coming up!

Stuff I know I’ll be doing in this unit:

-Writing a Play about a random Myth that’s chosen randomly

-More plays [Already Written]

– A slideshow on a god/goddess of my choice. [I dunno who to choose. I like almost all of them…]

– Reading a lot of myths. I know at least half of them in the book.

So yeah, It combines two of my favorite things. Mythology and acting.

I have decent-ish acting skills. I mean, at least I read things with emotion. Besides, I’ve never had professional training before.

Anyway, I have yet to tell you about my Theater adventure and my trip to see the Lorax. Remind me later.

Chapter 11 of Reincarnation is on hold. [Like Chapters 9 and 10 were.] My life is too busy at the moment. But I promise I’ll fill your e-mail inbox with several chapters this summer, and even try to finish it, then make some edits, and have a final copy. I’m getting way ahead of myself.



10 thoughts on “It’s Spring Time!

        1. I don’t need help on the subject of Greek Mythology. (Actually, I think I know too much about it.) I just need help deciding which god/goddess to choose for my presentation.

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