How THG is Taking Over My Life

There are plenty of ways how it’s taking over my life. First, I’ve spent all my pocket money on buying the books. And I will spend what I earn this week on watching the movie. They replaced the tampon ad at my bus stop with a Hunger Games ad. The majority of songs in my playlist are from the soundtrack. I’ve been looking at teasers instead of doing homework and I draw HG-themed pictures in my free time. When I’m bored on the bus or in school I pretend I’m Katniss undercover in the Capitol.

Help me.


6 thoughts on “How THG is Taking Over My Life

  1. Poor Panny!
    I have a similar problem, but Until The End took over my life. I won’t describe how, because I’ve gotten myself in sticky situations because of it.
    The only way to defeat the obssession, is to give in to it. Keep on pretending your Katniss. Listen to HG music. Keep on watching teasers. It’ll take forever for the obssession to end, but I’ve found this works for me. You’ll eventually reach a pooint, when you realize you’re bored from it all (not bored, exacly, but ready to do other stuff) and you’ll be free!
    Best of luck to you! I need to stop dressing in Autumn colors and pretending I’m Sara from Until The End… *shudder*

  2. Just wait till you start wanting to be in the places of the books.

    Guys, we live in The Light. Then The Black, and if you aren’t careful, The Blood.

  3. I know right? I’m obsessed.

    I talk Hunger Games with my friends almost every day at Lunch.

    And that Hunger Games reference in Reincarnation.

    And the I Wanna Go Parody!

    We need to go to a Fangirls Anonymous meeting if one exists…

  4. Don’t worry about it– embrace it! I’m a bit like that too. God only knows how much I’ve spent on Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Percy Jackson and Hunger Games merchandise, and I don’t even have an allowance to rely on! D:

    Of course, being a cursed fangirl at heart helps. Just carry on with it.

    (isn’t it alarming to know that 2 years ago, I read the Hunger Games and finished it without another side glance?)

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