A Star in the Sky

Chapter 2, Rose Garden

“Sure, I guess if I won’t intrude.”

“Course they will be fine with it!” I said with a smile. I was glad that An wanted to eat lunch with us! It made me feel all warm inside.

I vaguely remember why I had such a sick obsession with flowers, not any flowers. Roses, any colors the bright cherry red ones, the soft pink or pale yellow. I didn’t care, they were all roses. 

A while ago when I was around 5, my mom picked me up from my classes. It was a bright and warm spring day. A day in April when the flowers were just beginning to bloom. In school I was made fun a little that my hair was bright red, they called me strawberry. It made me feel sad but alas I still have my bright red hair color. I have thought about dying it blond but my mom loved my red hair. I shall never disobey her thoughts. 

My mom wanted me to feel better so she brought me to a beautiful meadow. She set me right near the roses, her favorite plant. 

She had told me that even roses were beautiful they were armed and dangerous. She gently picked up a rose and gave it to me. Her crisp green eyes were sparkling with joy and expressing kindness. She said that people were like that to, their exterior might me rough, hard and rugged but you have to learn to appreciate what is in the inside. 

 That mere analogy has made me appreciate the true reason of roses, not just to look and pick up. But to appreciate the armed beauty those flowers had. 

People are like roses rugged on the outside but absolutely beautiful on the inside. 

Ever since my mother, Genevieve passed away I feel that roses are my only hold on my mother. My last bit of hope, that last star in the sky. The brightest of them all. 

“Um..Cain? Are you alright?” An asked curiously.

“Oh yea! I am totally fine!” I exclaimed my face flushing a little. Whoah, I totally just zoned out in front of her.

We walked down to the botanical gardens, my favorite place of all. I walked over to the roses and I took a big whiff of the beautiful flowers. An smiled her dimples showing.

“Hey Cain! Over here!” Halley explained and waved. When she saw An her smile quickly evaporated into a frown. Why was that?

“Oh hey An and Cain?” Jordan asked confused.

“Um hey guys! Where is Sam?” I asked.

“Umm..I think he got lunch detention or something like that?” Jordan said with a shrug.

“Hey is it fine if An joins us for lunch?” I asked.

“Sure it is fine with me.” Jordan said and Halley kicked him. An stood there her bright eyes changing to a stormy gray. I wonder why?

“NO!” Halley said immediately.

“Come on Halley give it a rest.” Jordan said smoothly and calmly.

“Fine.” She hissed.

“It is fine I can sit somewhere else…” An said her voice trailing off as if she was in another world.

“No no. Just stay.” I said and An took a seat next to me. It was strange, as if An and Halley knew each other and had a strong relationship. It was very confusing to think about.

“Hey Jordan can you come with me to warm up my lunch?” Halley asked and Jordan nodded. They ran off together.


I grabbed two croissants from my lunch. I preferred my croissants warm not cold for some reason. It has been a habit for me since I was very young. I just remebered I had to get a project from my art teacher!

“Jordan! Could you warm these up for me?” I asked.

“Alright Halley. But why would you warm them up?” He asked me confused.

“Hm..WHATEVER!” I exclaimed very annoyed and walked away.


I put Halley’s food in the microwave and got distracted by Sam who was walking by.

“Sam! Where were you!” I exclaimed.

“Detention..” He grumbled and I laughed. How could he get lunch detention?

“Mhmm…” I said. The microwave started beeping really loudly. Shizz.

“JORDAN! WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO MY LUNCH!” Halley screamed. I looked at the croissants and realized that they were mostly burned. Whoops, stupid Sam distracted me.

 “Sorry!” I exclaimed and she smiled. She looked so much nicer when smiled.

(Psst they looked kind of like this Bad Croissants checked!



“Well, what are your interests?” I asked An while eating my sandwich. She was politely eating her wild rice with a smile on her face.

“I like drawing, soccer, listening to one direction and hmm. Just hanging out. Hey, why are you so obsessed with roses? ” She said calmly.

“On..umm do you think that is weird? Well, it reminds me of my mother…” I said softly. She probably thinks I am a crazy weirdo. She smiled.

“No, that is so sweet.” She said with a shining smile on her face.

“Ooh did anything interesting happen here?” Jordan asked with a smirk.

Lunch carried on normally.

“I will be right back guys!” I exclaimed and ran. An sighed.


I ran to the rose garden well because I needed to seek out my mom for advice for guidance. After, lunch I always did this. Visiting the roses was like me visiting my mother’s grave. But it still brought hope to me. Some days I feel that as if my mother is here, still standing by my side. I sighed. I wish necromancy was real. I would certainly risk my life for my mother, her life mattered more. I wish that I was the one who died. I never really told anyone this but it is a little embarrassing sadly. Sometimes, I act like a girl. Hm, let’s change this. Well, most of the time.

I picked  rose and got rid of the thorns and felt the soft petals. They were so beautiful.

“So what are you doing here?” An asked.

“Oh just looking at the flowers.” I said a little embarrassed.

“It is fine. That is nice you are doing this. Thinking of these beautiful flowers as your mom. It is heart-warming. I have never seen such a kind and caring guy like you. I am a little surprised that you don’t have a girlfriend.

I blushed, those were the most kindest words anyone has told me. But the only girl I want as my girlfriend was An.

“Thank you An. That was very kind of you.” I said and smiled.

Well, what a romantic moment. I came up with another idea. It may be better than this one…So I am going to type up the first chapter for that and see how I like it. But I might continue this one but it won’t be for Pandora’s challenge :3



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