VL’s Backstory,Chapter Four

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here it is,Part Four. LOL,I haven’t been posting these for such a long period of time,I seriously FORGOT what year I left off at. So here I am,scanning through the posts,looking for Part Thre- Okay,so we left off at 1780. Anyway,enjoy!  ~SN)

LOCATION: India,1781

Tiberius had fallen back into some uncomfortable sleep after the dream. Inside his mind,an image was playing out.


Tiberius had almost thought they would make it.

He had managed to rouse his mother and siblings from their sleep and herd them from the house,telling them that Father had ordered them not to wait for him. Tiberius’ tone was so insistent,so urgent,that not even his mother hesitated.

They followed Tiberius to the cove,stumbling in the dark,clutching their bags of secrets and whatever other bags they could easily carry.

Halfway to the boats,they heard the explosion.

“FATHER!” Katherine screamed,running back toward the house,but Tiberius grabbed her arms. “STOP IT! You can’t help him!” But Mother was already running. Thomas-the stupid oaf-shoved Tiberius aside,and he and Katherine raced after her. Only ten-year-old Jane stood still,staring at the distant flames as if she was wondering who had painted them. She turned to Tiberius. “Tiberius? W-where is Papa?”  At that moment,Tiberius felt ten years old himself. He wanted to scream in rage in frustration.But he had no choice. He had to be the adult now. “It will be alright.” He had said,taking Jane’s hand in his. “I’ll protect you. But come. We must first help the others.” Together,the two followed everyone to the house.

The fire was too intense for them to get close. Upon awakening after being hit repeatedly by debris (AUTHOR’S NOTE: LOL,see what I did there?),everyone had left,and were arguing about who had started the fire. All Tiberius could hear was Luke saying,”Vesper was here,Katherine. THIS IS HIS DOING!”  Before passing out from his injuries, Tiberius noticed three words written out in ash. “DAMIEN IS ALIVE”

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay,we’re going back to reality now…)

Tiberius awoke in another cold sweat,but when he came to his senses,he realized he wasn’t in India anymore. A voice sounded over an enhanced sound  system. “Hello,young Tiberius. Welcome…. To the Vesper killing chamber.”

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