Only Fair: Chapter One

This is the story of how I met her. The girl that changed my life forever. I still remember her soft silky voice like it was yesterday. Lilliana Nathalia Gerheart. Why did she have to go? Why did she have to return to her home? Her true home?

My name is Oliver Sanders, and this is the story of how I fell in love with a fairy.


Talk of a new student has been going around like wildfire. And I ended up being one of the first to know. Because I saw her, my eyes helped me see her. I was happy they did.

She had a beautiful smile. As beautiful as the moon and stars glimmering together in the night sky. Her eyes were as blue as the sky on a clear day. Her hair was blond, like the sand on a clean beach.

The part I noticed about her most was her soft, silky voice. She used it like it was precious. Soft, sweet, personable.

“What are you doing staring at her?” Brendon asked me, snapping my out of my sudden daydream.

“Brendon! Don’t do that!” I snapped at my friend. I still stared at her. She turned at me, just a glimpse, and continued walking right on by, heading on to her new class. She was being guided by Alice Opal, a popular girl in our school. Alice has everything: a smartphone, a fancy red car… an attitude problem… she’s just holding it in right now. I could tell that she’s envious through her grey eyes. While the new girl…

“Oliver!” Brendan shouted. I really wanted to slap him right now. But then he notified me that the bell had rung for the next class.

Family Consumer Science class was next, and I noticed that the new girl was in my class. She looked at her cooking supplies and smiled, gentle, warm.

I looked sullenly at my tray of ingredients. We were making breads. Ms. Wenston, the teacher, called this the “Bread and Pastry Test”. Ms. Wenston always thought us students were these expert chefs and make a dish perfectly. Why did I have to have a perfectionist teacher?

I looked at the new girl again. She was preparing the ingredients, gracefully and gingerly, as if she put care into a dish.

I just smashed mine together. And I rolled mine out and rolled it up. A “croissant”. Really, I needed to improve.

The new girl was making rolls. She gracefully kneaded her ingredients together, like it was precious, again. Why can’t I do that?

I stashed my “croissants” in the oven and waited impatiently, still watching her. She, using her dexterous touch, placed the tray of dough in the oven. She set the timer and waited patiently, oven mitts ready.

My croissants were done, and I put them out of the oven. Darn, they look horrible.

I swear, no one would be able to tell these were croissants. I tasted one, hesitantly, and it was horrible.

When she took her rolls out of the oven, they looked perfect. She even glazed them with HONEY. HONEY. The teacher gave her a wink as she walked by.

“Wonderful job, Lilliana.”

As she noticed my croissants, she picked one up and took a bite out of it. For a second, there was a look of disgust present on her face as she tried to consume my concoction.

“Nice try, Oliver,” Ms. Wenston said to me, “you may need a little extra help.”

“I can help.”

I turned and saw Lilliana coming towards me, disarming, caring, gentle. She handed me one of her honey rolls. I took a gentle bite out of it. It was so delicious.

“I’m Lilliana, but some people call me Lili. It’s nice to meet you!”

“I’m Oliver,” I replied nervously.

She looked down at my croissants, “Oliver, I think I know what the problem is. Besides from the fact you rolled it up awkwardly, there is too much salt in there.”

“I’ll roll it up better next time. And add less salt.”

She nodded and walked away, back to her table. Lilliana had just walked to me, me, and gave me cooking advice. Something felt special about that.

end of Chapter One


6 thoughts on “Only Fair: Chapter One

  1. Croissant making fail. XD

    It wasn’t as bad as the time I burnt a taco shell in the microwave or this genius idea my cousin and I had where we thought that putting microwave pancakes in the toaster would make them cook faster…

    I love this. Is this your story for Pandora’s challenge?

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