The Dragon and His Butterfly

This is the story of how the team “The Dragon’s Butterfly” came to be. The most roughest and toughest, yet graceful and beautiful team on the seas. Love is found in the strangest places they say.  

Chapter 1, You Found Me by the Fray

Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lyin’ on the floor
Surrounded, surrounded

“Goodbye, Mrs. Clyde. Thank you for the lessons!” The girl exclaimed and ran off in a hurry. Finally, the awful dancing lessons were over. Belladonna, was wonderful and talented at dancing but she simply despised it.

“Bye, my dear Princess Belladonna!” Her teacher exclaimed after her. But her teachers exclamations were drowned out by her thoughts of sewing, riding her horse Night, painting and reading all sorts of literature or poetry. She did not want to be a gentlewomen, her brother forced this dreadful task upon her so in the future she could be a great housewife. Belladonna was 17 but she cared more about getting a successful education than doing the things her brother, Prince Andrew assigned her to do.

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“Belladonna! I have something to tell you!” Andrew exclaimed.

“What?” She asked hoping that Andrew got a few things for her horse Night. But she highly doubted that. Andrew, was an awful older brother, he broke her mother’s heart and acted as if he was her father and controlled her life in his very hands. It was ever since that fateful day her father died of the Plague, her brother ‘Prince Andrew was never the same.

“You are getting married.” he said nonchalantly.

“WHAT?” She hissed her beautiful turquoise eyes turning into an ice crystal.

“It is final, you are getting married to Prince Ian.” He said. Prince Ian? She had heard many rumors of him, that he married at a young age and had many many wives. He was stone and cold hearted but very attractive. She could not live with a harsh man like that, she would much rather die.

“I am not! Father said that I am not pick my own husband! Since, when were you Father! You are not as kind or as a wonderful person as he was! I WISH YOU DIED!” She exclaimed. Andrew grabbed her by the collar of her dress.

“Ever say something like that again and die.” He said and strutted away. Belladonna sighed, she did not want to marry this awful man! What would she do? But then it became evident, she was going to run away. She did not care about the costs, she had to go now. But where would she go? She had no clue.

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Belladonna packed a few things in her satchel, her favorite book Little Women, a sketchpad with a few pencils and a few things for sewing. She did not how long she was going to be gone. She slipped on a gold chain with a black horse locket. The backing was silver and the black gem was polished bright.

Belladonna put on a dark blue cap and settled for a a short red dress with long black pants.

“Emalie, come!” Belladonna exclaimed. A small petite girl with long curly brown hair and chocolate brown colored eyes. She was wearing a simple black maids dress.

“Yes miss? You hardly call me. Is everything alright? You look wonderful! Your straight blond hair and turqiouse eyes. Oh, and your slim waist. Wait..where are you going?” The maid babbled.

“Emalie, did you know that you were always my favorite maid? Thank you. I shall be leaving, do not tell anyone that I left and where I am going. I am running away. Good bye. Please, take care of my horse Night.” Belladonna sighed and jumped out the window. Belladonna handed Emalie a ruby necklace as a gift. It minutes Belladonna was off.

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Belladonna ran like she had never ran before. She felt like a horse, wild and free with no limits just full freedom. Belladonna was finally happy.

On the dock was a large boat called the ‘Mermaid Melody.’

“Wow! It is beautiful!” Belladonna exclaimed and stared up at the ship. It was no elaborate ship but it was beautifully crafted and sculpted.

“AH! I HAVE GOT YOU NOW PRINCESS!” A pirate exclaimed and grabbed Belladonna’s small waist.

“Let go of me you filthy scumbag!!” She screamed and kicked the man. The pirate groaned and quickly applied a pressure point and she fainted.

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“Is the Princess awake?” A pirate asked.

Belladonna’s eyes fluttered open and she quickly sat up. She was surrounded by lot of filthy pirates who examined her like a rare specimen of butterfly.

“What do you want with me!!” She begged. A pirate with strange striped hair and a segment of striped skin slapped her in the face. She let out a soft shriek.

“There, now shut up.” He said most of the pirates were surprised by his rash actions.

“Hm, Stripes. That was not that kind to our visitor was that?” A man said calmly. Belladonna immediately felt as if she was in the book Snow White, she was the princess, the pirates were the dwarfs and this man was the prince. He had light brown hair that hung over his eyes and his eyes were the color of cinnamon. He was very handsome and tan. He was quite muscled too. Belladonna immediately felt a soft blush rise upon her cheeks. But she decided to dispel the thoughts of this man who walked into the room.

“Looks like the Princess likes someone..” The pirate with strange stripes said with an amusing smirk on his face. Belladonna angrily threw something at the pirate’s face. He rubbed his face making sure it was alright.

“Stripes, may I talk to the Princess  alone?” He said with an irritated expression on his face. Belladonna quickly got up and held her bag as if there were a hundred diamonds in there.

“Wh..what do you want with me!” She said trying to show a hint of courage in her exclamation but it only showed to the man that she was just as scared as brave.

“Don’t worry, you shall be back to the palace in no time! I just got to think of a good amount so ransom you for and starve you a little they can be worried!” He said cheerfully. Belladonna’s eyes widened, she came here to get away not to get sent back to the palace! She could only imagine Prince Andrew’s fury when they send her back, maybe a beating or worse he would hurt Night! Wait, but Emalie had her precious horse nice and safe. Hopefully.

“You can not send me back! I refuse too! But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!Arise, fair sun, and-” Belladonna said and was interuppted in the middle of her sentence.

“Aye! I do not need you to go about quoting literature and such. Just shush. Why on Earth would you want to be with a bunch of rugged pirates?” He asked very curious on the fact that she refused to leave. And her whole quoting of Shakespeare, made him a little home sick. Belladonna’s face flushed which he concluded that happened a lot.

Belladonna felt a little offended that her Shakespeare quoting was interuptted since she adored him. She thought he was brilliant playwright. She wished he were alive so she could actually talk to him.

“Oh..sorry. I just adore Shakespeare. Well, my brother was forcing me to marry the most heartless and cruel Prince. His name is Prince Ian. But he is very rich and handsome. But has no care for anyone else, maybe not including his parents…” She said very softly and stared down at her feet.

“Well, you are going to miss being pampered little lady? Don’t they do everything for you!” He said trying to hide his smirk. Belladonna stared down at him angrily, she would show him!

“Well, if you think I am so used to ‘palace life’, I am going to become a pirate then!” She exclaimed and stood proud without a look of fear on her face. She would show this man what she was made of! Horse riding was no easy sport!

He smirked, she would probably be begging him for mercy the next day. Which would be very amusing to watch. It did not hurt.

“Sure, I bet you are going to be begging on my knees! Well, change already you stink. Well, maybe that is because he dropped you in the ocean..but it is all good.” He said.

“Wait..where and what’s your name?” She asked.

“Just call me Dragon like everyone else. No Captain Dragon to you. You will be staying with me because the only person I really trust is Andre..” He said.

Belladonna sighed, she was not to keen on wearing men’s clothes. She took the smallest clothes he had went to the bathroom. She felt refreshed after her bath and her mind felt clearer. She had realized she had probably dropped her shirt outside. She guessed that..Dragon was somewhere else so she could go out without being noticed.

She tiptoed outside and picked up her shirt.

“What are you doing!” Dragon asked his face reddening.

Belladonna shrieked and jumped up trying to cover herself. Dragon snickered for a little while.

“Augh!” She exclaimed and put on her clothes in the bathroom.

“Are you ready to become a pirate!?” He asked hoping she would be whimpering in fear or some other girly thing like that.

“Of course! I am up for the challenge!” Belladonna replied her eyes shining and bright. She would show him!

Authors note: Not that original in the plot…but what do you think? Well, each chapter is going to be based of a song like how this one was based off You Found Me by the Fray. This took me a while to write cause I just could not find a good endpoint to stop this! I hope you enjoy this! Yay for new stories for me to write!! 😀 

Yes, the hunger games is coming out soon and I am beyond excited!! I am seeing it a week after with my friends and then we are going to eat lunch and hang out. So excited!! And my birthday is in less than a month and on Spring Break? Who could ask for a better birthday present? Maybe, some normal weather not strange 40’s, snow, rain and suddenly sparking into the 6o’s kind of weather. Maryland has some freaking strange weather..

Pleaseeee check my story blog :3? It is in a desperate need of a makeover…I know xD. 



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  1. I really liked this. I mean, who wouldn’t like a pirate story…
    I gotta like this post when I get home.

    *Yeah, this is FoxFace. I’m on a different computer.*

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