‘Tis I, the marvelous lord over all that would be defined as machines. Fear not, for I am back. But hope not, for I am not staying. I have merely came to show my existence.





15 thoughts on “Greetings

    1. OH MY FREAKING GOSH, FLAMEZ. Can you believe it!!? :O

      Uh…That’s…pretty much all I have to say on the matter….Just…… oh my gosh. For some reason it’s like when someone like says “wait for iit….waaaiiit for iit….. *rp world explodes from awesomeness or chips or something* ” and this, is, like, the second wait for it.
      And, we’re, like, waiting for Dark Winter to turn into a potato chip or something. O_o

      1. To be honest, I never really knew where to go with the whole “Dark Winter” thing. I mean, I had a huge plan, but then Vampire Lord would come in and start godmodding and ruin everything. Basically, I had to keep adjusting the storyline to keep up with his antics. So I just quit.

          1. Camile would suggest someplace darker and/or creepier to lock VL in.

            And don’t quit the RP. I haven’t been on the RP in months, but it was fun RPing with you when I was on.

        1. Wahh what!? Noo!
          And Blake doesn’t even get online that much anymore, hardly anyone does….. RP chat’s been kinda dead! :/
          I mean I guess it gave me time to think and figure things out, about my characters, their destiny, and just stuff in general, but thinking over things……that’s not important if none of us (and by “us” I mean everyone) have a chance to progress in this timeline in the first place!

          There’s always some way to keep silent, but when’s the last time we ALL got together and roleplayed? Four to five months ago?
          *cough* 2011 I think? *cough*
          ….How long can we delay time…?
          I mean I guess we can delay it as much as we like, but how many of us even remember what we were doing? It would be nice to get back to the plot, if only for a while until the next gap in the RP session occurs……

          ….I dunno….I guess I might be talking too much needlessly here, but whatever….. I miss the times when the chat was packed and even if sometimes it could be a little confusing because of all the stuff going on, but it was really fun! 😦

          1. I know what you mean. I miss the good ol’ days, bragging ’bout my strength, acting evil, then having brief humane moment, then acting like an evil aristocrat! Oh, how I much enjoyed my character. Ya know, I planned on eventually making him a hero. But I never could finda good time for him to cast away his evil. So, I just made him black out with his wife and best friend by him. In the rp universe, he’s free from his armor, but stuck in a coma…

            Does anone know what I’m talking about?

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