Have you guys ever had one of those moments where your teacher puts down the test in front of you and you realize “Omizeus, what’s this?”
I don’t mean like a pop quiz, I mean a normal test, but you realize you know nothing on there? It’s not just not knowing, it’s like you don’t even understand the words. Kinda like if a test in Japanese was out in front of you, and you don’t even know the Japanese alphabet.
Well, my geography test was totally like that. But, I mean, seriously! It wasn’t normal. Me and my friend collaborate cheat on tests, and I’m pretty sure we’ll both fail. Last time, we got a 68.
My mom says that doing my homework would have helped, but I really don’t think so. I mean, homework should be done in the car ride to school if you feel like it, not at home.
Oh, and guess what? Remember that one homework page I got last time? Well, we got another one, and ugh.

And then there’s the backpage that is completely foreign.


AND, those evil parabolas.

Yeah, I got two wrong. There can’t be two y=0’s. I’ll fix it when I feel like it. xD


14 thoughts on “D:

  1. On the back page, the second box of your worksheet, you’re supposed to write about some of the things you learned from your science unit.
    And if this helps: All I remember from my chapter on the periodic table is that Elements are somesorta pure substance… I think.

            1. Standard form is a lot easier than the other thing. I’d have to switch them all around before I did this.

              If it helps, I could show you my law of cosines worksheet!

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