Random Story Idea? Free For Anyone’s Use

A long time ago, a young man named Richard Carlston met a woman whose name was unknown.

She had a certain grudge against him, so she smashed his head into the ground. He went crazy and acquired a sudden phobia of women after that certain event. Carlston was locked up in a jail for discrimination against women – though the woman got no punishment – but he escaped with the aid of determination, brain damage and a fire.

Afetr escaping, he discovered an old, abandoned castle and it became his new home. Inside the castle he found a collection of books on robotics and the possibility of artificial life.

Suddenly he had a purpose – to create the first artificial human. So he spent his life scavenging items from the dump of the town below. With these random things, he tried to build a lady, the first lady he wouldn’t be scared of. Carlston followed the text and skethces in those dusty old books carefully, but unfortunately none of his creations came to life.

One rainy night, angry and frustrated, he threw his creations out the window. Since the creation’s spines were made of metal, lightning was attracted to it and Carlston found out what the secret to bringing them to life was – a single strike of lightning. Enough electricity to kickstart the brain and heart was all that was needed.

The creation he threw out the window survived the fall without a scratch and knocked on the castle’s door. When Carlston answered, the creation, which he’d named Marion, pushed past Carlston and started destroying the castle. Petrified, Carlston fled into the rainy night and finally came to rest in an inn. Unfortunately, it seemed that Marion had been creating more of her kind and one had followed Carlston to the inn.

Nowhere knows where the creation took Carlston, but all we know is that he disappeared and never returned. Popular theories are that he either died from old age or killed himself. Both theories lead to the conclusion that Carlston is dead, but no ones seems to have considered if he’s still alive.

Lol. Brain farting here.

5 thoughts on “Random Story Idea? Free For Anyone’s Use

    1. Aha, no way. I’d probably give up on the second chapter, as I do with most of my stories. Besides, I can’t think a plot to go with this.

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