VL’s Backstory,Part Three

LOCATION: Switzerland Cargo Liner 43621,1777


Everything changed that day,but it wasn’t the end…



Tiberius decided to just let go. He wasn’t getting out,no matter how hard he tried. The water seeped in. Tiberius walked over to a box,and sat down. He pulled a photo from his pocket: the only thing he had saved from the fire three years ago. He wanted his last sight to be Katherine…




LOCATION: Bottom of the Indian Ocean,1779



Tiberius awoke. Somehow,he was breathing underwater. He looked around. The cargo ship sunk like a rock to the bottom of the ocean. Pieces of the cargo hold and debris from the many pieces of cargo surrounded him. A voice rang out. “You have the power to stop them.” Tiberius turned around. There was no one there,but there was definitely a voice. Either that,or Tiberius had gone insane. He followed the sound of the voice to a cavern,where he was hit by some sort of projectile. He resurfaced,in pain. He walked onto the shore and checked the date on the nearest calendar: the new invention of the world. December 10th,1779. He had been in a sleep-like state for over two years now.

Tiberius noted the voice,and went on his way.



LOCATION: Some sort of ‘hotel’ (Author’s Note: Tiberius is new to these things. IT’S THE 1780’S FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. XD),1780.


Tiberius was tossing and turning in the bed: Apparently having a nightmare. In his dream,the year was 1776. A young Tiberius raced through the burning house,looking for something…or someone. He screamed a name out loud: “KATHERINE!” He looked through the smoke and ash,and saw the faint image of a person. A few flaming pieces of wood blocked his way. The last thing Tiberius had heard before he jolted awake was,”TIBERIUS! REMEMBER TO NEVER TALK TO THE SHADOWS!”



The dream stunned me. What could she have meant?


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