VL’s Backstory,Chapter Two

LOCATION: Tchaiy Woods,1776


Little did I know,I had much worse things ahead of me…



Tiberius was beginning to go insane. He had been living in the woods for two years,and he was running low on food and water…He had no hope of survival. He had gone for several days without even catching prey,and he had twisted his ankle while attempting to pounce on a small doe. He was cold,hungry… The world began to spin,and everything went black.




LOCATION: Unknown Cottage in Ireland,1776.


 When Tiberius awoke,he was lying in a small bed in the corner of a cottage.He had no idea where he was,and he was pale as snow.”Where am I?” Tiberius managed to get out before his mouth was clasped by a hand.”Shh,no talking!” a voice said. Tiberius tried to struggle,but one whiff of the chloroform brought oblivion.



LOCATION: Switzerland Cargo Ship,Liner 34621,Indian Ocean,1777


Tiberius awoke on a cold,metal floor. After several hours,he managed to put two and two together and figure out that he was in a cargo hold,in some sort of ocean.It was apparent that he wouldn’t be getting out any time soon. His arm felt a little sore. He guessed they had given him a few more shots of tranquilizer to keep him quiet for a while. He silently waited,until a screw loosened,and water came flooding into the cargo hold. Tiberius ran to the door,and tried to unlock it,but with no prevail. The water was coming in…faster and faster by the minute. He finally decided to give up and just let go.



Everything changed that day,but it wasn’t the end…

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