I messed up. Big time.

I HATE chocolate fundraisers. That delicious chocolate looking up at me with its brown eyes. Ugh!

The point is, I owe 50$ to Ms. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Names on Monday, and I have 4$.

Where’m I s’pposed to get 46$?

UPDATE: Kay, I’m moving to Canada, to sit ducks, all while selling lemonade!



11 thoughts on “I messed up. Big time.

  1. Might I suggest babysitting or perhaps some birthday money? ^^ Combining all both, I’ve been able to put together 46 dollars. I’m hoping to get to 75 (after I blow like 20 on books .-.) for some donating to WWF and as part as a school project! Hopefully if you try your best, 50 dollars will be no sweat!

    1. *FoxFace Approves*

      Sometimes I’ll get paid for doing extra things around the house (Like cleaning up my closet) or helping my grandparents clean up their yard/house.

      You could ask around the neighborhood and see if anyone is willing to pay you for doing anything.

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