VL’s Backstory: Chapter One

LOCATION: Ireland,1774


I could never go back…Not after…the incident.



That thought raced through young Tiberius Cahill’s head as he fled from Ireland. The year was 1774.After trying to find a cure for the horrid Black Plague,he had blown up his family’s house,and his father had perished in the fire.Plus,he had gained a vampiric form from the explosion. He had to hide…But his only question was where? The nearby Tchaiy Woods seemed like a good place. After racing through the mind-numbing cold for several hours,he finally came across another lifeform-a shadow person. Tiberius readied himself to pounce on the creature,desperate for food. He then decided it was only a child,so he relaxed his muscles and walked up to the creature. The creature turned around,frightened. “My name is Corusce.” Corusce looked like he had been in an explosion of some sort. The two sat on the stump. They talked for a while,and found that they both had tried to capture prey in the woods,but with no luck.After a while,Tiberius took a doll from his pocket. “My mother made this for me,but I want you to have it.” “T-thawnks…” said Corusce. Tiberius said,”So,what happened to you? Why are you covered in ash?” Corusce paused. “U-um…W-well…” Tiberius realized he had created some bad memories for Corusce,and changed the subject. “Don’t wanna talk about it?” Corusce said,”My mama fell asleep for a long time! This other lady kept tellin’ me she was something like…ummm…Dead! Yeah… I dunno. I’m only out here cause that other lady told me to. What’s this supposed to be?” Tiberius replied,” I don’t know.. My mother was really bad at sewing.” Corusce thought and decided. “It’s one of those humans’ teddy bears! Say,what’s your name?” Tiberius replied,”My full name is Tiberius V. Cahill.” Corus replied. “Well,I think I’m gonna call this bear Tibbers,’cause you’re Tiberius and you gave me the bear!” Corusce pranced around singing. Tiberius grimaced. Corusce said,”What’s wrong?” Tiberius replied,”I’d rather not talk about it… I may or may not have started a fire that my father may have perished in. He died trying to save his work.” Corusce’s ears drooped. “I’m sorry to hear about that.” Tiberius said,”That’s fine. It can’t be much worse than yours…”


Little did I know,I had much worse things ahead of me…


5 thoughts on “VL’s Backstory: Chapter One

  1. I’m not an expert on paragraphing or trying to be mean, but you might want to separate your story into something neater than a block of words. It’ll make it easier for people to read.

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