A Star in the Sky

I changed the title. So yea first chapter for Pandora’s contest!

The warm sun on my light brown hair. The cool breeze whipping my face, leaving my face a little red. This is where I truly belong. In Gym playing soccer. I feel adrenaline pumping through my body, directing every kick and goal I make. I grit my teeth passing the soccer ball to Jordan. Would we win this game? The suspense leaving beads of sweat on my forehead. Sam and Halley are in perfect location. I am awakened when I see a girl with brown hair and sparkling eyes like a kaleidoscope on the field.

“Whoah! Halley, who is that?” I ask a little baffled by her sudden appearance onto the field. And we were just in a middle of a soccer game! A great way to crash the game, chic.

“Oh, that’s the new girl. Hm…Anastasia from Canada. I think she is in our homeroom.” she replied and loosened her ponytail. Our gym uniforms weren’t that bad. We wore blue shorts and a white shirt. At least we didn’t look like criminals in a jail.

“Um..hi! I am Anastasia but call me An! I am from Canada. And new so yea!” she exclaimed and approached us.

“Hey! Nice to meet you! The kid with the black hair is Jordan the ‘cool kid’, the girl with black hair a blue highlights is Halley. She is goth/punk so don’t mess with her. The kid with caramel brown hair is Cain. Our sporty kid and I am Sam the nice and smart one!” he said enthusiastically.

“Sheesh. You didn’t have to say our life story. Are you flirting?” I whispered in Sam’s ear.

“No. We are single men since Jordan and Halley are dating. Do you like her.” he replied and had a ridiculous smile on his face. I had the sudden urge to slap him and leave a red mark. But I had to control that or Mr. Fernando would put me in detention and i am not in the mood for scrubbing trophies slick. Halley poured the cooler of cold water on his head. Who broke out into a chorus of cursing.

“Dude! Calm down with the cursing!” I exclaimed. An stood around looking really ditzy and lost in a daydream. A baseball was approaching her..

“Hmm..” she mumbled.

“AN! WATCH OUT!” I said and pushed her. I realized I was on top of her. I face turned red and An turned bright pink.

“God, Cain. You got to control yourself. Anyways, we have to go inside.” Halley replied between giggles.

“Gosh. I am really sorry An. That ball was going to hit you in the head if you wiped that ditzy look on your face. I got up and sat cross legged next to her.

“Oh yea..Good point! Thanks for that anyways. I probably just zoned out..Well I will see you around!” she exclaimed.

“Hey! Meet me after Gym!” I screamed after her and she turned around with a nod.

Sam was right. Was he physic? I think I might like her. Her eyes made her stand out from everyone and she didn’t seem to be as girly as all the other girls in my high school. She just needed to stop zoning out before some guy decides to be rude and trip her in the hallway.

I changed back into my jeans and sweatshirt and moved on to my next class.

“Hey Cain!” she exclaimed and waved. She was wearing a pair of gray jeans, a shirt that said something about raising money for Progeria, gray boots and a necklace with a heart pendant.

“Oh, hey An. What’s your next class? I asked.

“Latin! I can’t take French cause I speak it fluently. I liked in Old Quebec City where there was French EVERYWHERE!” she sang with a shining smile.

“Oh, you could help me. I am really bad at French.” I groaned. Now I felt bad about not studying for the test I had soon.

“Haha. It is really easy. I do not see how you couldn’t get it. Are you stupid or something?” she asked curiously. I groaned she really ‘boosted’ my self esteem.

“Naw. I just don’t get it.” I groaned.

“Oh. I am at my class now! Thanks for walking with me!” she said and ran in.

Wow, she seemed really interesting. But nice.

For the rest of my French class, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her eyes. Her hair. Her attitude..her lips.


Ah. Cain. Just what I came here for. Won’t be long before I am back home doing my normal duties.

I do enjoy being here, it is a rest from my normal life. But I do enjoy the thrills of my job. Cain is a very interesting subject. I can sense his aura is strong but with many conflicting emotions fighting him. I will help him, but he needs to trust me slowly.

“An! Have you finished your worksheet?” she asked. I nodded, it was going to be along day. Good, I have Sewing next. My favorite. Oh, I think I have that with Cain. Wonderful.


Augh, Sewing! Last time I stabbed myself with the needle and it was actually pretty embarrassing. I bet the whole class was thinking I was a total idiot..

“Class dismissed!” Mr. Ellison exclaimed and I grabbed my books. I ran out the door waiting for Jordan.

“Hey Cain! Whats up?” He asked.

“Eh. Nothing really I have sewing next.” I groaned. Jordan laughed and slapped me in the back of the head. I groaned and playfully punched him in his shoulder.

“So..do you like An?” He said with an evident smirk on his face. I wanted to slap that smirk on his face. Augh. I have the best friends in the world. They always like to tease me for things.

“Um..yea..sort of..” I said my facing turning into a bright shade of pink.

“Haha. I knew it. I won’t tell. I am as loyal as a dog.” He said and smirked. He made a weird puppy dog face. I bet Halley would start teasing him if she was here now.

We walked into the class together and I sat next to Jordan as usual. I got out my tote box which had my almost completed tote bag in it. It was dark blue with a side pocket. I got my seams right and all but I have very bad focus. Which explains why I always end up scratching myself with a needle.

An ran into the class panting and red.

“Excuse me. Are you Ms. Jamieson?” She asked a little flustered. Ms. Jamieson had a bright smile on her face and directed her finger in the empty seat next to me.

“Oh hey again!” She exclaimed with a smile. Oh, great how was I going to focus in this class with her in here!

The class went on fine. I helped An with most of the things she did not understand how to do. Thankfully, I finished everything without getting a cut on my finger! Ms. Jamieson said that I did a nice job and gave me an A for this class. Which I am very pleased due the fact based on my last class.

We finished sewing and I walked back to homeroom with An.

“Hey. Do you have anyone to eat lunch with An?” I asked calmly and coolly. I did not want to blow this opportunity.

“Oh no. I think I may sit alone.” She whispered.

“Hey eat lunch with us in the garden!” I said. She smiled and nodded.

Yes, score for Cain!

xx Hope you enjoyed it!




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