8 of Spades, chapter 5

oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting

oh oh oh oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting


“Kat! Kat! Kat!” I was drinking my mocha when I had the greatest idea.

“What! What! What!” Kat said back to me, with whip cream on her nose.

“I know how you can get back at Ace!” I said triumphantly. She gave me a look and wiped her nose. Kat was going to love my idea!

“And that horrible idea of yours is?”

“Your sarcasm is showing again, Kat.” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Oh, darn.” She sipped her drink and sat back in the chair.

“Okay, so I already called up Ace to meet us for lunch, but I’m going to ditch you and you’re going to seduce Ace! Then ask him how it was for practice! Ta-Daaa!” I grinned and watched Kat’s facial expression.

Confused was the best word for it.

— K

Did Veronica really think I would do that? Would I stoop that low to play his games? I kept thinking this over while we bought our dresses.

Veronica’s was a just above the knee ‘baby doll’ dress or whatever it was called. It full of dark shades and looked really good on her. She wasn’t sure if she was going to wear leggings or not.

“If I do wear leggings, what color? And should there be lace at the bottom or buttons? What will Nick thin- I mean people think of it!” Her face turned cherry red. I grinned and took my dress into the dressing room. The dress was green, and went to just above the knees like Veronica’s. It had a sash that tied in the front and went around my neck to hold the dress up. It showed quite a bit of skin.

“Are you done changing yet?” Veronica asked impatiently. I stepped out then gasped. Ace was there! I scrambled back into the dressing room and moved the curtain as fast as I could.

“Kat! I told him he could come! And the dress looks gorgeous on you! His mouth is still open!” Veronica said gleefully.

“Go away! Both of you!” I yelled back at them. Veronica grumbled and then I saw her vans disappear.

I quickly changed into my clothes and made the purchase. Veronica would kill me if I didn’t buy it. As I walked past the Starbucks, I thought about Ace. My face drooped and I continued on my way home. I was just passing the big Christmas tree in the middle of the town when I felt someone grab the bag out of my hands.

“Hey!” I started to yell but stopped when I figured out who it was.

“I just want to carry it for you!” Ace said, putting his hands up in surrender. He was wearing a plain black hoodie with white strings, and some jeans. He had a fuzzy beanie and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. I sighed and started to walk. He fell into step with me, his free hand brushing mine.

“You want to get something to eat?” He asked me, kicking rocks as he walked.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry.” My stomach immediately contradicted my words. I silently cursed. Ace raised his eyebrows at me, and leaded me to a local noodle chain.

He saw the line, and a crease formed at his eyebrows.

“If you don’t mind waiting we could go here, or I could take you to my house and I could fix you something there. My parents aren’t ho-” Ace lost his voice when I took him by the hand and found a lonely bench to sit on under some trees.

“I’m not hungry despite what my stomach says.” I sat on the bench with a plop. Ace just looked at me, before sitting down himself.

“My house isn’t that bad.” He teased, setting the bag down. I slumped on the bench and rubbed my eyes.

Ace slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I uncovered my eyes and let him hug me. He was really warm, and it made me feel a little better. Any dress subject was touchy with me. Thanks to my loving and caring father. Who thought dresses marked you as a female dog.

“What’s wrong?” He said softly into my ear. I didn’t answer and he pushed me a few inches away so he could look at me. His eyes were focused on me, like green Christmas lights, they glowed. His hair was wavy and looked very soft. I still didn’t answer.

“I’m sorry if it had anything to do with seeing your dress. Although I must say, it looked really good on you.” Ace said to me, gently smiling. My stomach growled and he started to laugh.

“I have food at my house, and my car is just over there. I promise I won’t poison you.” I let a small smile escape from my lips.

On the way to Ace’s house, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Veronica said. I didn’t like the fact that Ace had kissed me like that before, but I didn’t want to spark anything.

I looked to the magic 8 ball on my iPod for help.

Oh wait, I threw that thing out the window.

“Hey Ace, do you have an iPod I could borrow for a bit?” I asked him as he drove.

“Check the glove compartment. You may find a surprise in there.” He said dryly. I opened the glove compartment and found my own iPod in it!

“I’m sorry. I just.. Lost it and I didn’t want to tell you!” I tried to find the magic 8 ball app as soon as possible.

“Funny, it seemed to have fallen out of the sky. I even have the scratch to prove it.” Ace moved his hair up a bit and I saw a nice sized scab. My eyes widened.

“I’m surprised it didn’t crack when it got ran over by my bike.” He gripped the steering wheel and continued on.

I asked the magic 8 ball if I should do what Veronica said, and it answered with: It is certain.

Within a few minutes, we had arrived at Ace’s house. He stopped the car in what looked like his own garage, and took the key out. He was about to open his door when I put a hand on his arm.

He froze, slowly turning towards me. I reached up to move his hair out of the way so I could see his scratch, while moving closer in. He looked at me through half lidded eyes, and got in closer as well. There were inches between us.

I brushed his hair away from his face, and gently ran my finger across his scar. It felt rough, and hard, while I felt sadness and guilt. Ace didn’t do anything wrong, it was my fault.

I gently slid my hand down his jawline, and pulled his head towards me. His eyes fluttered closed as I pressed my lips against his.


When Kat started to kiss me, everything else went away. It was just her. Why couldn’t I tell her that? Why couldn’t I just man up and tell her I don’t want it to be a joke?

Why did the light just flicker on?

Kat jumped in her seat and looked out the back. I found my parents standing in front of the door.

“Hey, it’s fine. It’s just my parents. They aren’t that bad…” I trailed off. Kat looked ready to start crying.

I stepped out of the car, and ran to the other side to open the door for Kat. She stepped out and didn’t meet my eye.

“He takes after you, Mike.” My mom laughed, while my Dad made a funny face.

“Well I don’t see you complaining, do I?” My mom giggled while I rolled my eyes. Parent love was gross. I laced my fingers with Kat’s. Her hand was trembling.

“Mom, Dad, this is Kat.” Kat waved and tried to smile.

“I’m Mike, and this is Jen. And if you’re worried about us being mad at you for making out with our son in his car, we’re not mad. Just beware, we tease a lot.” My dad winked and stepped out of the garage. Kat’s face seemed a bit lighter now.

“Mike forgot his cell phone, so we had to run back home to get it, we’re sorry for interrupting.” My mom smiled knowingly and I’m pretty sure I turned bright red. She walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“We’ll have to get to know each other some other time! Enjoy yourselves!” My mom walked out and shut the door, leaving the lights on.

“Uh… Sorry about that…” I stuttered out. Kat smiled at me.

“Your parents seem like really nice people. You’re very lucky to have them.” Kat walked around the garage, looking at whatever struck her as cool.

It was my garage, so my parents decided to fill it up with little me pictures. Kat picked up one and gave me a huge grin. It was the one where I had knocked out both my front top teeth at a little league game of baseball. I got to hold the team trophy and everything.

“Yeah, I like baseball.” I took Kat by the hand and led her inside the house. I sat her down with a photo album and went on a quest to find something in the fridge to cook up.  As soon as I open it, I hear a massive fit of giggling. She must have found the cake picture.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I walk in to check on her and find her laughing.

“Just a little bit!” She grinned and set the album down. She walked towards me and poked my cheek.

“Was the cake tasty?” She asked, poking my other cheek.

“Heck yeah! It had chocolate filling inside!” I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the cake that my mom had made last night out to the counter.

“Want some cake?” I asked her, she nodded and smiled.

“Also, you want to tell me why you almost started crying?” Her face fell. I had this uncanny ability to end conversations between girls I liked.

“Well, I wasn’t sure how your parents would react to us uh… ah.. You know.” Her face turned a light pink before going on.

“My Dad would have blown up, mostly at me, calling me horrible names. Saying I was just like my mother.” I handed Kat some cake at that moment.

“Go on…” I tried to sound like a therapist as much as I could. It was funny until she smeared cake all over my face.

“There! Now you match the picture!” She giggled and started running. She wouldn’t get far, seeing as though she didn’t know where everything was. I ran after her, with the plate of cake, armed and ready to fling at her face.

She reached the couch when I cornered her.

“Any last words?” I grinned through the veil of frosting.

“One kiss and I won’t get cake to the face?” She asked me, innocently. She blinked and smiled at me. One that melted my insides, and turned my stomach inside out.

“O-okay.” I managed, going to the bathroom to clean off my face.

I grabbed a washcloth while turning the faucet on. Splashing water on my face, I thought about how I should tell Kat how I felt about her. Just blurt it out, or set up a plan that would definitely be ruined by Veronica?

I shook my head, and dried my face as much as I could. I didn’t see any cake, but I took one look at the Listerine and took a swig, swishing then spitting it out. Nothing in my teeth. My face looked okay, but the shirt had to go seeing as though it was covered with icing. I pulled it over my head and ran to my room to get another. I quickly found a green shirt with a sunglasses design on it, and pulled it over my head.

While running down the hall, I found my eyes had started to bother me. I turned and started to run up the stairs when I slipped and fell flat on my face.

“Ace! Are you okay?” I heard Kat before I saw her.

“Fine, fine. I only tripped up the stairs…” I groaned and lifted myself up. Kat was trying hard not to laugh, I could tell.

“Don’t feel bad. Nick did the same thing at the school. He was looking at Veronica as she left and tripped. Needless to say, I laughed at him too.” Kat grinned and pulled me off the stairs.

“By the way, the cake is very tasty.”

“I’ll be sure to tell my mom that.” I didn’t want to rush Kat, but I seriously wanted that kiss. Kissing Kat was just… Indescribable. There were no words for how it felt for me. Kat pulled me towards her, and wrapped her arms around my neck. Pulling me close to her.

“One kiss, and it’s a deal.” I breathed out. Kat closed the distance between us. Her lips gently on mine. Her lips were soft and they tasted like strawberries. How? Who knows. Did I care? Heck no. Her fingers tangled in my hair, as she pulled me closer. Kat gently parted her lips, and I took no time in pushing my tongue through. I licked her lips, and softly bit one. Kat took my face in her hands, and caressed my cheekbones. She was on her toes while she nuzzled my neck.

“I’m in-” I was about to say I was in love with her, but right as I was going to the door burst open.

“Hey Ace- Oh! God, I’m so sorry Ace! And Kat! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt! I can get my socks later!” Nick closed the front door, and from what I could here, he was running.

“Sorry. I had some of his socks.” I silently cursed myself. Kat looked up at me with her sharp blue eyes. Her lips were plump, and very pink. Not unlike her cheeks. Tell her. Now. Ace. Do it. Now. Little voices were screaming in my head, all saying something different.

“I-I’m in love with you.” Her eyes widened when I said this. I didn’t know what to do after this. She probably thought I was this mega jerk. I prepared myself for a slap on the cheek, but it never came. Instead I felt her lips on my ear.

“I-I’m in love with you too.” Her lips trembled and I hugged her as tightly as I could. She squeaked and hugged me back. I kissed the top of her head when I saw a flash of yellow.

“We have company.” I sighed, she kissed my cheek before letting go of me. I opened the door and yelled:

“Alright Veronica, I see you and I already saw Nick. Might as well get in here before you freeze!” Veronica’s blond hair bounced past me and she ran towards Kat.

“Did my plan work! DID IT?!” She started to bounce up and down.

“No! But mine is about to!” Kat grabbed Veronica and stuffed her in the closet.

“Hey! Let me out! There might be moths in here!” Veronica started banging on the door.

“What the heck is going on?” Nick walked up and Kat started pushing him into the closet as well.

She slammed the door on him and locked it.

“Kat! What’s this about!” Veronica wailed.

“Figure it out yourself bubblehead!” Kat kicked the door and smirked. If Nick was smart he’d figure out what we planned.

“You guys! C’mon!” Nick figured it out. I could hear it in his voice.

“You want some pudding, Kat?” I asked her, grinning.

“Pudding sounds great.” She grinned back at me.



–Lyrics from Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

Fave parts? 😀


3 thoughts on “8 of Spades, chapter 5

  1. Hahaha!! “Your sarcasm is showing.” That made my day!

    Cake! Yum!

    Hehe, I can see how it would be hard to take a therapist with cake all over his/her face seriously ^^”

    Awesome writing!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. It’s a running joke between anyone who knows me, I’m sarcastic like nobody’s business!!

      The cake was very yummy… 😀

      Thanks a bunch for commenting on it =^.^= Hiccup told me to give you that kitty!

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