Hi!! Oh my gosh, I’m sorry for going missing for so long!! I’m kind of in obsession rehab (It’s not helping ^^”) and I’ll return as soon as I’m a safe and fully-functional person!

However, in the meantime, I did not forget the art trade! I’m sorry that my drawing are so late, I’ll e-mail them right now!

Anyway, I hope you are ALL having a fabulous Valentine’s day!!

Did anyone else see the “flushed” and “platonic” valentines on Dragon Cave?! OHMIGOG.

Okay, sorry about that, I promise I’m done ^^”

JUST KIDDING!! I lied. I’m not done!

We went on a field trip to disney world!!

And Peter Pan waved at me and a few of my friends!!

He waved specifically at us!!

He’s always been my role model, so it was SUUUUPER awesome! ^^

OK, now I’m done!!

I”m sorry, again! ^^”


6 thoughts on “EEK!!

  1. Nireth! I missed you!

    Yup, Happy Singles Awareness Day…

    Lucky, I get a trip to a fancy theater with a fancy dresscode. -_- (My English teacher wants us to be a nice, presentable class. Psh. Like that’ll happen…) Disney World sounds a lot more fun.

    1. I missed you, too! TT_TT (Dramatic hug!!)

      Hehe! ^^ I like seeing all the couples, they’re so happy!

      Aww, that sounds pretty cool to me!! You could totally dress up like a princess and pretend that you’re hiding in the theater from assassins! ^^

      1. XD If I did that, My English teacher would ban me from all things public. (Well, the ones she had to chaperone anyway.)

  2. When I went to Disneyworld I got to meet Mulan at Epcot in Japan! I got a picture and she called me a pretty princess too!

    Today was Pirate Vs. Princess day. I made Smith a tiara and he looked very pretty!

    We missed you so much!

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