Your Challenge

Pandora: Greetings, fellow citizens of Mir. As an experienced writer and bookshop owner, I must say that writing is perhaps the most joyful activity anyone can do. But orders for publishing and the number of books being sold have died down. This is not a good sign.

Nicola: In order to kickstart the activity in the writing community, we’ve put our heads together and have come up with an idea.

El Pandoro: Si, my girls. It is a contest. Unfortunately not a wrestling contest, but a writing one. We challenge YOU, citizens of Mir, to create a 40, 000 word novel about school drama. It must incorporate a touch of fantasy. Also, the story has to include these extra, small things: a Chilean concert pianist, a bad croissant and a meeting in the middle of the night.

Pandora: Grab a flyer – it has all the information. If you’d like to sign up for this challenge, just comment.

Nicola: And one more thing – every time you finish a chapter, it must be posted on this billboard here, the one that says “Where Thunder Roars.” Now, take a flyer, everyone!

*everyone rushes to get a flyer*

Citizen 1: My, this sounds quite interesting! I think I shall go home now and start work with my new typewriter. The very latest technology. Do you have one?

Citizen 2: Oh, uh, yeah, um, sure. I’ve… always got the latest… technology.

Writing Challenge – 2012

Words: 40, 000 or more (but 40, 000 is preferred).

Main Idea: A school drama with a touch of fantasy.

Must Include: Chilean concert pianist, bad croissant and meeting at midnight.

Deadline: 2014 January 1.

Notes: Post each chapter on WTR.

How to Sign Up: Simply comment at the end of this post. Include your possible story title and main character/s’ name.

Challenge Conquerers:

  • Nicola/Panda
  • Lewis
  • Foxface
  • Kisa Somah
  • BT

20 thoughts on “Your Challenge

  1. I might want to write a story for this, but can it be Poptropica releated?

    Title: Poptropica High

    Main Characters: Fast Singer, etc. (I don’t have main characters yet.)

  2. I’m starting a story. It’s called “Only Fair”. I hope I actually keep it going, though 😛

    I might post it later.

    1. Ps: Main character’s name: Oliver Sanders

      (I wanted to have a male protagonist in my story for a change.)

  3. Trololol. This prompt would work for most of my stories.

    I’ll add a midnight meetings + a bad croissant just for the lulz. :3

    1. Yeah, I reckon it’ll work. No, I should take the high school rule out because it restricts the writer too much. Set your story wherever.

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