The (less sad and less Sherlock-y) Reichenbach Fall

It was a really warm Friday afternoon. The internet was down and my parents weren’t home.

So I’m walking to the woods, like any normal fair weather day where I’m free, a bow in my hands. (not like an actual weapon– a homemade one from when I was slightly younger. I wanted to derp around, plus I had my Mockingjay pin on, so I felt like Katniss! The bow is a wee bit smaller for me, now.)

I’m just strolling around in the stream (which is FINALLY full again) even though it’s FREEZING. Really freezing! I can’t even stick my feet in for too long or I feel like they’ve been stabbed at with icicles.

I shoot at random things. Dead trees, large boulders, etc. Just for fun because I adore archery and always have, and I’ve been using my bow since I was 9 (or 10?) and Artemis for Halloween.

I even find a new pathway to a really neat patch of forest and a part of the stream I’ve never ventured towards. It was so awesome! Though this is not the point of the post, I feel the need to ramble on about how nice it felt, on a warm day in February. AHHHH! I MISSED BEING OUTSIDE SO MUCH!!! If only I took a friend with me, though being alone is O.K. *continues to flail* BUT SERIOUSLY!!! IT’S FEBRUARY AND IT WAS SO NICE OUT!!!!!!

The random stick I was using as an arrow goes flying off. It was a really nice stick, so I went off to retrieve it.

It’s a little steeper down to the water part of the stream, so I have to be very careful. I’m used to crossing over the stream, even when extremely cold.

So guess what happens?

I fall in.

So I just sat there for a while, dumfounded as frigid water splashes over me.

I look like an idiot crossing back over the fields and then my backyard, dripping wet and scowling.

I’m mortified. I can’t believe I was so cocky as to think there was little chance of any negative consequences, especially since I was on a pretty high and rocky area!

I haven’t fallen into a natural body of water on accident since over a year ago.

Of course my dad had to make an annoying comment about it, too.


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