I think I broke myself

Okay, so you know when you get an adrenaline rush , your tummy is all, like, I don’t know, weird? But it’s like you’re not hungry and you’re gonna throw up or something. Kinda nauseous, but not exactly.
Well, I’ve been feeling like that ever since yesterday! I don’t know if it was the D or something else…
But I couldn’t sleep even before that, so what do I do?
I almost gave my lunch away yesterday, but lying to my parents is not cool.
But I seriously can’t eat right now! D:
I’m having a very long freak out moment… Or, better said, freak out day. How am I gonna get through it?
D: Triple postie, sorry, but you’re the only people I ever talk I about problems, ’cause I don’t really have people I trust in real life, cause they don’t like me. D:


6 thoughts on “I think I broke myself

  1. DX
    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH….Um..Hmm.

    If I got a D I’d tell my parents right before I go to sleep then pretend to be sleeping until I actually WOULD fall asleep…Then I’d probably talk it out in the morning with them when I’m still tired and sort of disoriented.
    But that’s just the way I’d do it. Uh…

    Well, if you don’t want to do that and just want to stop freaking out during your freak out day, you’ll probably have to do as much as you can to distract yourself. Blast the music, yell at the walls, make a scene in your mind of something and think about it obssessively until you’ve made a complicated story up in your mind and have to try to remember what exactly it was that you thought of, stare at something blankly and concentrate on it so hard that you almost fall asleep, practice something like drawing or singing or something, stare at something until you see patterns of people or things (like staring at the floor and seeing a person or an eye o:), ect.

    Sorry, there’s not much more I can think of that might help. ^^”
    If it makes you feel any better, at the beginning of the school year I got my first F on an assignment… o.o

    1. Ana, why would it make me happy that you got an F? D:
      I think the REAL reason I’m freaking out is because we got risers in choir, and I ten to lock my knees, and I told my teacher about it and she said I would just have to deal with it. Kinda. I don’t know, I wrote to her through Edmodo, but the way she worded it, it sounded like she thought I was a baby. AND THE STUDENT TEACHER DIDN’T SMILE AT ME TODAY! D:
      The horror.

  2. i haven’t threw up since 2011 but when something happens,you might feel nervous…very like on monday night the day before school,i almost threw up and it was 10:30pm so it was getting closer to midnight which means a new day but in 2011,i got sick 2 days after my sister and my sister came out the hospital the same day and you posted this the same day i threw up…

  3. also in 2012 when school opened again after summer vacation (3rd sept,2012)my sister was going into a new school so that means the worst time of your life my sister got so nervous,she threw up every day for the rest of the week i.e the 3rd of september to the 9th and if i got a D in anything,i am burning it in my incinerator,i will get killed if they find out my grade!the only thing that gets me nervous is if i have to do something in front of a crowd,if i embarass myself,i obviously laughed at i don’t cry that i shamed myself,once it happened and i went running away from the stage puking my guts out,this is a true story my name is Tyson and i am 12 years old and the story happened when i was 7,approximately in 16 days marks my 4th year of not throwing up WOOT WOOT i am actually the strongest person in my family.

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