Les Question

I’m thinking of making a blog where anyone from any country who goes to any school can join and post about their experiences at school. They can simply post about how they fell asleep in English or how they got hit a million time in Gym. Or, it can be something big, like the difficulty of changing schools.

My questions to you are…

a) What should I name this blog, and

b) If I created this blog, would you ask to join?

If you say yes to B, just remember you’ve gotta go to school. Which all of you do, I assume, so that’s not a problem.



7 thoughts on “Les Question

  1. Hm…I’m not a very good name-picker (though I’d probably name it Hogwarts International!) But I would join!

  2. That’s a really cool idea! ^^

    I am not good at naming things!! ^^” I think some of the comments above have really good ideas, though!

    I don’t know if I would join. I don’t really like thinking about school outside of school ^^” (KIDDING, KIDDING, I love my school!!) But, really, I probably would just forget to post and be all-around negligent ^^”

  3. A) I dunno

    B) I will as soon as I get my iPod back. [Though my school experiences aren’t that interesting.]

  4. Lol I got ambushed by like 6 people in dodgeball once. o3o

    A)Stories from the Schoolhouses? o3o [I’m not a good name-comer-upper XD]

    B)Eh, maybe. But I must warn you, my school days are pretty much the same everyday.

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