I’m Having a Very Happy Moment

Okay, so I’m student of theming for TWO departments! Math and Science. Science is understandable, I always stack the chairs after class, but I don’t I know what I did for math. I suppose it could be because I, like, had a bad grade before and now it’s an A again or something.
Anyway, wanna know something funny? I don’t think it was because the teachers like me at all. It’s just that I happened to give those two teachers a cupcake before the nomination, but I wasn’t trying to get student of the month! It was for other reasons.
Moral of the story- Give your teachers vanilla cupcakes with white and pink frosting a week before nomination for student of the month.


3 thoughts on “I’m Having a Very Happy Moment

  1. Yay, that’s awesome! ^^ I knew you could do it! Never doubt yourself; you are all-around amazing!!

    Please, the cupcakes had nothing to do with it! You’re brilliant, and they’re recognizing you for it! ^^ Congratulations!

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