Back and Better Than Ever

Sorry I wasn’t able to catch up with you guys when I’d arrived from the Philippines. I’m afraid I’ve been getting more sick on planes and cars these days (though I never actually vomit), so I was still feeling a bit wobbly when I got home. And on Monday – guess what? – I started high school!

It’s great! I loved my first day, meeting a few new people and getting lost in the huge campus – it was so fun! Even Rachel didn’t darken my day, though I suppose the rain and possible storms did. No matter, because I love rain and the way it makes you feel cozy when you’re inside.

I have a care class where role call and important things are announced. I guess in America it’s homeroom. And today, Tuesday, I got my timetable.

Early last year I’d thought of my acceleration as a death sentence and that everything was going to be horrible. But, man, was I wrong!

Monday wasn’t really a day for schoolwork. In the morning we went into the sports hall for a speech, and India’s dad, who just happened to be the sports teacher, talked as well. Then we played games with other people in our homestead. Tuesday, we did quite a lot of French learning. I think I learned as much in that day as I had over the whole last year of my old school. The primary teacher liked to go “slowlyyyy”.

And we also learned about the computer rules and where to find guidance officers and other people.

I’ve already met three new people – Jarrah, Bianca and Gabby. But Gabby mostly, because she sits next to me in care class.

I suppose that’s all for now. But one more thing – please let me know if anything important has happened!




5 thoughts on “Back and Better Than Ever

  1. Panny! You’re back! I’m so glad! *hugs*

    High school is fun, but just remember to hang out with the right people. :3

  2. Woo! Welcome Back, Panda! :3

    I’m so glad you’re having a great time at your new highschool and with your new friends.


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