Random postie

Ok, so today character submission for my FanFic closed. You can still enter a character, though, they’ll just not be mentioned in the beginning part of the book.
Has anyone besides me finished the BotB drawing? I’ve done them all! And I’m sorry to say that I can’t draw and you all came out hideous looking! Sorry!
When you send me the drawings, please name your picture. If they come unnamed, I’ll just name them the name of the character drawn.
I feel… Guilty. Today in science, my iPod went off really loudly. I said I was sorry twice, but I still have guilt inside me. Anyone know how to get it out?


4 thoughts on “Random postie

  1. Yay, I can’t wait to read your story! ^^

    Aww, don’t say that! I’m sure your drawings are superb! ^^ I’ve finished Phoenix, but I haven’t even STARTED on anyone else ^^”

    Don’t be guilty about your iPod going off–it’s not your fault!! TT_TT I guess you could just read a good book to get your mind off of it–maybe put some music on and just dance randomly? I don’t know ^^”

  2. I haven’t even started the drawings. ;w;

    I just haven’t had the time between districts competitions and other homework.

    Eat your iPod.

  3. Yay! I think it’ll be super fun to read! (did you get my character in that post I made a couple of days ago? Sorry, I mistakenly referred to you as SC! ^^’)

    Hm…not really. ^^’ I’m mostly experimenting with styles! 😀

    Don’t feel bad about it! Phones tend to go off in my classes too, but it’s normally fine. 🙂 It wasn’t your fault at all!

  4. I’ll just add in a character… Name: Robin (no last name unless you want to make one up) Age:17 District:11 Loner Appearance: Dark skin and has black hair. Has golden/brown eyes. Fights best with spears Strategy: just fight

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