I’d just like to offer some advice real fast:

Click the “More” if you’re interested! If you’re not, you’re a very wise person!

All of you are smart enough to know this. Some of you don’t have to even worry about this. But I cannot boast those credentials; not in the least ^^”

Don’t skip brushing your hair after a shower, and then go to sleep with your hair wet!

Exhibit A:

ALSO: I was brushing my teeth, and I dropped my book into the toilet! ^^” It didn’t have anything nasty in it, but still! Now my book is all wet and wavy TT_TT

Moral of the story: If you have butterfingers and a penchant for dropping things in the toilet, avoid bringing your valuables into bathrooms AT ALL COSTS!


Guess who I found at the Disney store?!

MUAHAHAHA! Her hair is, like, the coolest thing ever. It feels like poodle fur! (Well, except more plastic and synthetic ^^”)

It’s also a happy post because my friend came over, and I finished the skirt on my Rapunzel dress!!! All it needs now is for the bodice thingy to be finished and attached, and I’ve got my under-dress! ^^


Also, I’m really obsessed with the following songs:

Virtue and Vice:

Control the Storm:

I’ll Reach You:

But I’m also really bummed! I found out yesterday that I have an ear infection!! It’s really rough; I can’t hear out of my right ear very well, and it hurts a lot! But I’m on antibiotics, so it should get better soon! ^^

Um… there was something else, but I forgot it ^^” Whoops!

Oh, yeah! Unlike the rest of this post, this is serious business!

Phoenix, I don’t mean to be a bother, but is there an e-mail address through which I could reach you? My e-mail has been glitching out a lot lately, so I want to make sure I’m sending the e-mail to the right place, just to narrow down the chance of problems ^^” (I’ve recently figured out that my e-mail has issues sending pictures, so I still owe you a birthday picture! I’m sorry it’s been delayed for so long!)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a really good day, and good luck with tomorrow! ^^

Sorry for the rambling, random post ^^”


8 thoughts on “OOPS

  1. Oooh! I can’t wait to see the dress (if you are going to show it to us!)

    Did you ever post those BotB drawings with the different time periods, or what? I got confuzzled with the video and so on. ^^;;

    I hope your ear feels better!

    1. Of course I’ll show you guys! ^^ Of course, if I end up finishing it, that is ^^”

      I haven’t posted them; I made that one video with the rave dance thing just because I was bored (hehe ^^”) and I didn’t have anything else special prepared for New Years, but I’m waiting until I’ve got all three of the groups drawn before posting them all collectively! Sorry, it’s kind of confusing ^^” My brain works in odd ways!

      Thanks! ^^ It’s been only two days, and it feels much better already!

    1. I know, right!? I knew they were making some Disney villain dolls, but I never even dared to hope for a Mother Gothel doll! It’s like… ten dreams come true at once!!

      I can’t wait to show you guys! I’m totally psyched, but I’ve got to hurry if I want to get it done in time!

  2. Advice taken! ^^’ Knowing me, I’ll goof up anyway! Poor book, though! D:


    Yaay! I bet your dress will be amazing!

    I’m sorry about your ear infection, though I’m glad it’s perking up!

    Well, she once mentioned something about not wanting to show everyone her email. ^^’ I know her two non-main ones though, if you’d like to know them! Or you could send it to me and I can forward it to her main email!

    1. I know, I still cry tears of pure sorrow for my poor book TT_TT She’s fine, though! ^^

      I know, right?! And, unlike most dolls, I don’t have to worry about it getting tangled!! Triple win! (Awesome hair, no knots, and movie title reference!!)

      I can’t wait to show you guys! I hope it turns out as well as I’m envisioning it, though ^^”

      Yes, it’s definitely feeling a lot better! ^^

      Thanks for all your help! I don’t blame you, Phoenix, for wanting privacy!

  3. omigosh, your dress is going to look SO awesome! And Mother Gothel is SO awesome!

    My email is trudytz@gmail.com; don’t worry about the picture being late, I bet it’ll be incredible^^

    1. YAY! I’m so excited! ^^ I want to have it finished by the tenth so I can wear it to an Anime convention (Which I may or may not be attending ^^”)

      Thanks! ^^ I’m sorry this has taken me so long, I should really get, like, a legit e-mail sometime soon ^^” AOL always goes buggy on me.

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