Sorry for triple posting!

But here are some random edits I made to our blog. Sorry for any inconveniences, feel free to change!

  • Unstickied all stickies and added them to one post.
  • Got rid of the BotB art trade main page, and added it to the Battle of the Beings official page.
  • Moved advertisement for BotB Art Trade down and changed to a clickeable link of “Find it here!”
  • Got rid of postaday2011
  • Will update BotB page in a bit!

EDIT: I think a divider for each section of the BotB page would be really helpful, as it’s getting really cluttered! If anyone has a divider for it (with a transparent background, or one that I could easily make a transparent background for), that would be awesome! Anything is fine, but I found these which I find would fit considering the nature of it all.

They will all be resized if one is used, of course XD

(by the way, the puppies are a joke.)


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